2020 AFC Champions League

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2020 AFC Champions League
Tournament details
14–28 January 2020
Competition proper:
10 February – 28 November 2020
TeamsCompetition proper: 32
Total: Maximum of 53 (from Maximum of 24 associations)

The 2020 AFC Champions League will be the 39th edition of Asia's premier club football tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and the 18th under the current AFC Champions League title.

The winners of the 2020 AFC Champions League will qualify for the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar. The runners-up will also qualify if the AFC Champions League winners are from Qatar.

Association team allocation[edit]

The 46 AFC member associations (excluding the associate member Northern Mariana Islands) are ranked based on their national team's and clubs' performance over the last four years in AFC competitions, with the allocation of slots for the 2019 and 2020 editions of the AFC club competitions determined by the 2017 AFC rankings (Entry Manual Article 2.3):[1]

  • The associations are split into two regions:
  • In each region, there are four groups in the group stage, including a total of 12 direct slots, with the 4 remaining slots filled through play-offs.
  • The top 12 associations in each region as per the AFC rankings are eligible to enter the AFC Champions League, as long as they fulfill the AFC Champions League criteria.
  • The top six associations in each region get at least one direct slot in the group stage, while the remaining associations get only play-off slots (as well as AFC Cup group stage slots):
    • The associations ranked 1st and 2nd each get three direct slots and one play-off slot.
    • The associations ranked 3rd and 4th each get two direct slots and two play-off slots.
    • The associations ranked 5th each get one direct slot and two play-off slots.
    • The associations ranked 6th each get one direct slot and one play-off slot.
    • The associations ranked 7th to 12th each get one play-off slot.
  • The maximum number of slots for each association is one-third of the total number of eligible teams in the top division.
  • If any association gives up its direct slots, they are redistributed to the highest eligible association, with each association limited to a maximum of three direct slots.
  • If any association gives up its play-off slots, they are annulled and not redistributed to any other association.

For the 2020 AFC Champions League, the associations are allocated slots according to their association ranking which was published on 15 December 2017,[2] which takes into account their performance in the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup, as well as their national team's FIFA World Rankings, during the period between 2014 and 2017.[1][3]

Participation for 2019 AFC Champions League
Not participating
  1. ^ Australia (AUS): The top division run by the Football Federation Australia, the A-League, only have nine Australia-based teams in the 2018–19 season, so Australia can only get a maximum of three total slots (Entry Manual 5.4).[1]


In the following table, the number of appearances and last appearance count only those since the 2002–03 season (including qualifying rounds), when the competition was rebranded as the AFC Champions League. Only teams assured of a place are displayed.


The schedule of the competition is as follows.[4]

Stage Round Draw date First leg Second leg
Preliminary stage Preliminary round 1 No draw 14 January 2020
Preliminary round 2 21 January 2020
Play-off stage Play-off round 28 January 2020
Group stage Matchday 1 TBA November/December 2019 10–12 February 2020
Matchday 2 17–19 February 2020
Matchday 3 2–4 March 2020
Matchday 4 6–8 April 2020
Matchday 5 20–22 April 2020
Matchday 6 4–6 May 2020
Knockout stage Round of 16 25–27 May 2020 15–17 June 2020
Quarter-finals TBA June/July 2020 24–26 August 2020 14–16 September 2020
Semi-finals 29–30 September 2020 20–21 October 2020
Final 22 November 2020 28 November 2020

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