2020 American Samoa gubernatorial election

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2020 American Samoa gubernatorial election

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  Lemanu Peleti Mauga (cropped).png
Nominee Lemanu Peleti Mauga Gaoteote Palaie Tofau Iʻaulualo Faʻafetai Talia
Party Nonpartisan Nonpartisan Nonpartisan
Alliance Democratic
Running mate Eleasalo Ale Faiivae Iuli Alex Godinet Tapaʻau Dr. Dan Mageo Aga
Popular vote 7,154 2,594 1,461
Percentage 60.31% 21.87% 12.32%

Governor before election

Lolo Matalasi Moliga

Elected Governor

Lemanu Peleti Mauga

The 2020 American Samoa gubernatorial election was held on November 3, 2020, coinciding with the 2020 United States presidential elections and other United States elections.[1] Incumbent Governor of American Samoa Lolo Matalasi Moliga was not eligible for reelection due to term limits. In American Samoa, gubernatorial candidates run on a non-partisan basis and as a slate together with their Lieutenant Governor of American Samoa candidate.

In the 2020 election, the previous lieutenant governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga was elected governor and the former attorney general, Salo Ale, was elected lieutenant governor with more than 60 percent of the vote. Both were affiliated with the Democratic Party and beat two non-partisan tickets, while the candidate affiliated with the Republican Party, Nuanuaolefeagaiga Saoluaga T. Nua, only placed fourth.


Four political tickets qualified for the 2020 election.[1][2] Although candidates do affiliate with national political parties, the gubernatorial election is held on a nonpartisan basis.[3]

Not-qualified candidates[edit]

Fatumalala L. A. Al-Shehri, Independent candidate for American Samoa's at-large congressional district in 2012,[8] had announced plans to run with Leah A. Smith, missionary for the Assembly of God Church, as her running mate on the first all-woman ticket,[9][10] but they were not on the list of qualified candidates released by the American Samoa Election Office after the filing deadline.[2]


On January 25, 2019, Senator Nuanuaolefeagaiga announced his candidacy.[11]

I’aulualo Fa’afetai Talia announced his candidacy at a campaign news media event at Sadie's by the Sea on July 28, 2019.[5]

Gaoteote Palaie Tofau announced his candidacy on February 9, 2020.[4]

General election[edit]

American Samoa gubernatorial general election préliminary results, 2020[12][13]
Party Candidate Votes %
Nonpartisan Lemanu Peleti Mauga
Eleasalo Ale
7,154 60.31%
Nonpartisan Gaoteote Palaie Tofau
Faiivae Iuli Alex Godinet
2,594 21.87%
Nonpartisan Iʻaulualo Faʻafetai Talia
Tapaʻau Dr. Dan Mageo Aga
1,461 12.32%
Nonpartisan Nuanuaolefeagaiga Saoluaga T. Nua
Tapumanaia Galu Satele Jr.
652 5.50%
Total votes 11,861 100.00


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