2020 Anguillian general election

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2020 Anguillian general election

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All 11 seats in the House of Assembly
6 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  Ellis Webster 2021.jpg Victor Banks 2015.jpg
Leader Ellis Webster Victor Banks
Leader's seat Island Harbour Valley South (defeated)
Last election 38.26%, 0 seats 54.44%, 6 seats
Seats before 0 6
Seats won 7 4
Seat change Increase7 Decrease2

Map of the 2020 Anguillian general election.svg
Results by district

Premier before election

Victor Banks

Elected Premier

Ellis Webster

General elections were held in Anguilla on 29 June 2020.[1] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an Order in Council was made to allow the elections to be postponed until 11 September at the latest.[2] However it was not invoked.

Electoral system[edit]

The 13-member House of Assembly consists of seven members elected in single-member constituencies by first-past-the-post voting, four at-large members elected from the entire island by plurality at-large voting and two ex officio members.[3][4] Voters may vote up to four candidates in the at-large seats, which replaced two appointees.[5] Voters must be at least 18 years old, whilst candidates must be at least 21.[5]


For Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers (Anguilla Progressive Movement candidate in Valley South):[6]

For Haydn Hughes (Anguilla Progressive Movement candidate in Road South):[7]


The ruling Anguilla United Front (which won six of the seven elected seats in 2015) nominated a full slate of eleven candidates in November 2019.[8] The opposition Anguilla Progressive Movement also nominated eleven candidates in December 2019.[9]


Anguilla Assemblée 2020.svg
Anguilla Progressive Movement3,68951.33411,97142.8037+7
Anguilla United Front3,17044.1139,82035.1114−2
Ex offico members20
Valid votes7,18798.55
Invalid/blank votes1061.45
Total votes7,293100.00
Registered voters/turnout11,95161.02
Source: Central Electoral Office, Central Electoral Office

By constituency[edit]

Constituency APM candidate Votes AUF candidate Votes Independent candidate Votes
1 - Island Harbour Ellis Lorenzo Webster 493 Oris Smith 336 Palmavon Webster 167
2 - Sandy Hill Jerome Roberts 302 Cora Richardson-Hodge 318
3 - Valley North Courtney Morton 657 Evans McNiel Rogers 697
4 - Valley South Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers 861 Victor Banks 755
5 - Road North Merrick Richardson 386 Evalie Bradley 238 Rommel Hughes 89
6 - Road South Haydn Hughes 727 Curtis Richardson 540
7 - West End Kimberley Fleming 263 Cardigan Connor 286 Jamie Hodge 72
At-large (4 seats) Kyle Hodge 3,557 Jose Vanterpool 2,983 Lanny Hobson 1,643
Kenneth Hodge 2,917 Othlyn Vanterpool 2,420 Aunika Lake 1,532
Quincia Gumbs-Marie 2,840 Lockhart Hughes 2,290 Brent Davis 1,117
Kennedy Hodge 2,657 Mark Romney 2,126 Sutcliffe Hodge 1,016
Glenneva Hodge 609
Elkin Richardson 148
Merlyn Duncan 101


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