2020 Bihar Legislative Assembly election

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2020 Bihar Legislative Assembly election

← 2015 28 October - 7 November 2020 2025 →

All 243 seats in the Bihar Legislative Assembly
122 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
  First party Second party Third party
  Tejashwiyadavrjd.jpg Nitish Kumar (cropped).JPG Bharatiya Janata Party Bihar 2020.png
Leader Tejashwi Yadav Nitish Kumar Sanjay Jaiswal
Alliance MGB NDA NDA
Leader since 2017 2005 1990
Leader's seat Raghopur MLC None
Last election 80 71 54
Seats won TBD TBD TBD
Seat change TBD TBD TBD

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Hand INC.svg CPI-M-flag.svg The Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Shri Upendra Kushwaha addressing at the inauguration of the “Summer Fiesta”, in New Delhi on May 22, 2018.JPG
Leader Madan Mohan Jha Dipankar Bhattacharya Upendra Kushwaha
Leader since 2018
Leader's seat MLC none none
Last election 27 3 2
Seats won TBD TBD TBD
Seat change TBD TBD TBD

  Seventh party Eighth party Ninth party
  Chirag Paswan.jpg Sri Jitan Ram Manjhi.jpg Indian Election Symbol Kite.svg
Leader Chirag Paswan Jitan Ram Manjhi Akhtarul Iman
Alliance BJP+ NDA GDSF
Leader since none 2015 2015
Leader's seat none none none
Last election 2 1 1
Seats won TBD TBD TBD
Seat change TBD TBD TBD

Wahlkreise zur Vidhan Sabha von Bihar.svg
Map of Bihar Legislative Assembly constituencies.

Chief Minister before election

Nitish Kumar

Elected Chief Minister


The Bihar Legislative Assembly election will be held to elect members to the Legislative Assembly of the Indian State of Bihar. The election will held in three phases for a total of 243 seats; the first for 71 seats on 28 October 2020, the second for 94 seats on 3 November 2020 and the third for the remaining 78 will be on 7 November 2020. The results will be announced on 10 November 2020.


Outlined in Article 168 of the Constitution of India, the Bihar Legislative Assembly is the lower house of the bicameral legislature of Bihar and not a permanent body and subject to dissolution.[1] The tenure of the Legislative Assembly is five years from the date appointed for its first sitting unless dissolved sooner. Members of the Legislative Assembly are directly elected by the people. The tenure of current Bihar Legislative Assembly is scheduled to end on 29 November 2020.[2]

In the previous election, an alliance of three major parties consisting of Janata Dal (United), Rashtriya Janata Dal and Indian National Congress named as Mahagathbandhan won against its primary opposition, the Bharatiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance. However, in 2017, the Janata Dal (United) of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar left the Mahagathbandhan and joined the National Democratic Alliance.[3] While Nitish Kumar remained the Chief Minister, Sushil Kumar Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party replaced Tejashwi Yadav as the Deputy Chief Minister.

There is an ongoing huge anti-incumbency wave  against the incumbent Chief Minister Nitish Kumar due to his 15 years long rule and supposedly poor handling of the COVID-19 induced lockdown and reverse migration of labourers from different parts of the country, like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Punjab, Haryana.

The issues of this election revolve around giving employment to these Bihari migrant workers and improving the avenues towards industries and education. The next major party, being RJD, in Bihar is riding on this anti-incumbency wave and poor governance wave.


The three agriculture bills passed by the Indian Parliament amid nationwide protests and the actor Sushant Singh Rajput's death is expected to play a key role in the elections.[4][5]

Issues such as the lack of employment, alleged politicisation of flood relief in the aftermath of the 2019 Bihar floods and alleged inability of the state government to handle the Covid-19 pandemic are expected to be made an election issue by the opposition parties.[6][7] The limited digital connectivity in Bihar and the migrant crisis are among the issues which are also suggested to have an impact on campaigning and poll outcomes.[7][8]

The death of the fomer Lok Janshakti Party president and union cabinet minister, Ram Vilas Paswan on 8 October 2020 is also speculated to have an affect on the prospects of the competing parties.[9]


On 25 September, Election Commission of India announced the dates for Bihar Assembly elections.[10]

Poll Event Phase
Constituencies 71 94 78
Map of constituencies and their phases 2020 Bihar voting phases.png
Date of Issue of Notification 1 October 2020 9 October 2020 13 October 2020
Last Date for filling nomination 8 October 2020 16 October 2020 20 October 2020
Scrutiny of nomination 9 October 2020 17 October 2020 21 October 2020
Last Date for Withdrawal of nomination 12 October 2020 19 October 2020 23 October 2020
Date of Poll 28 October 2020 3 November 2020 7 November 2020
Date of Counting of Votes 10 November 2020
Source: Election Commission of India

Parties and Alliances[edit]

National Democratic Alliance[edit]

The National Democratic Alliance in Bihar is the ruling political group headed by the chief minister Nitish Kumar and comprising primarily the Janata Dal (United) and the Bharatiya Janata Party in the legislative assembly.[11]

In the previous election, the alliance was led by the Bharatiya Janata Party alongside three smaller allies namely the Lok Janshakti Party, the Rashtriya Lok Samta Party and the Hindustani Awam Morcha, while the Janata Dal (United) had contested as part of the current opposition Mahagathbandan.[12][13] In 2017, the Janata Dal (United) switched alliance which caused the Mahagathbandan government to fall and the National Democratic Alliance came to power.[14] In 2018, two of the partners, the Rashtriya Lok Samata Party and the Hindustani Awam Morcha left the alliance.[15][16]

During the campaigning phase in August 2020, the alliance was re-joined by the Hindustani Awam Morcha which held one seat in the legislature.[17] Later, the alliance was also joined in by the Vikassheel Insaan Party in October 2020.[18] The campaign however faced problems with persistent attacks on the Janata Dal (United) by the Lok Janshakti Party.[19][20] Chirag Paswan, the leader of the party in the state was called to Delhi to negotiate with the national leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party, in the end the Lok Janshakti Party quit the alliance stating that they would contest all seats against the Janata Dal (United) but not against the Bharatiya Janata Party.[21][22] Following the development, several notable leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party including the state vice president and 2 sitting legislators joined the Lok Janshakti Party to contest against Janata Dal (United) candidates.[23][24] Later during the campaigning period in October 2020, the Bharatiya Janata Party officially cut ties with the Lok Janshakti Party stating that the National Democratic Alliances in Bihar consisted of the four parties.[25][26][27]

According to political analysts the Lok Janshakti Party was unlikely to make any electoral gains but would act as spoilers for the Janata Dal (United) candidates,[28] the development was suggested to have been orchestrated by the Bharatiya Janata Party to gain leverage over the Janata Dal (United) by reducing its final tally.[33] The Bharatiya Janata Party at the time re-asserted that Nitish Kumar would remain the chief ministerial face of the alliance.[34][35] Both the Lok Janshakti Party and the Janata Dal (United) are expected to hold sway among certain sections of Scheduled caste voters while the Bharatiya Janta Party are expected to draws its support base from Forward caste voters.[36][37]

No. Party Flag Symbol Photo Leader Seats contested
1. Janata Dal (United) Janata Dal (United) Flag.svg Indian Election Symbol Arrow.png Nitish Kumar (cropped).JPG Nitish Kumar 115[38]
2. Bharatiya Janata Party Bharatiya Janata Party logo.svg BJP election symbol.svg -783x768.png Sanjay Jaiswal[39] 110[40]
3. Vikassheel Insaan Party Vikassheel Insaan Party.jpg Mukesh Sahani 11[40]
4. Hindustani Awam Morcha Hindustani Awam Morcha Flag.svg Telephone.svg Sri Jitan Ram Manjhi.jpg Jitan Ram Manjhi 7
Parties part of the National Democratic alliance at the center but not in state
5. Lok Janshakti Party[41][42] Lok Janshakti Party Flag.svg Indian Election Symbol Bungalow.png Chirag Paswan.jpg Chirag Paswan 135

Mahagathbandhan (Bihar)[edit]

The Mahagathbandan (Grand Alliance) of Bihar is the main opposition political coalition comprising primarily the United Progressive Alliance members Rashtriya Janata Dal and Indian National Congress along with left–wing parties.[43][44]

In the previous election, the Mahagathbandan was formed and initially comprised the Rashtriya Janata Dal, the Janata Dal (United) and the Indian National Congress.[12] It was able to form government following the election but the government fell when the Janata Dal (United) switched sides and joined the National Democratic Alliance.[14] In the opposition, the alliance was joined in by smaller parties like the Rashtriya Lok Samta Party, the Hindustan Awami Morcha and the Vikassheel Insaan Party.[45][16][46] The three parties however opted out of the alliance between August–October 2020.[47][48][49] In September 2020, the Samajwadi Party which had contested in previous elections in Bihar without success, declared that they would not contest this time and instead support the Rashtriya Janata Dal.[50]

In the meantime, the alliance after negotiations were joined in by the left–wing parties in Bihar; namely the Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Liberation, the Communist Party of India and the Communist Party of India (Marxist).[51][52] The new arrangement was described as an experiment beyond the caste based politics in Bihar with a caste plus class strategy.[53] The communist parties in Bihar had historically held a large presence in the state that was reduced following the Mandal Commission, the Liberation group had retained some of its former base and had emerged as the largest non alliance party in the previous election.[54]

The seat sharing agreement was finalised on 3 October 2020 with the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha included in the alliance.[55] On 7 October, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha opted out of the alliance in Bihar over disagreements on seat sharing while maintaining that they will continue to uphold their alliance in the state of Jharkhand.[56]

No. Party Flag Symbol Photo Leader Seats contested
1. Rashtriya Janata Dal RJD Flag.svg Indian Election Symbol Hurricane Lamp.png Tejashwiyadavrjd.jpg Tejashwi Yadav 144[57]
2. Indian National Congress INC Flag Official.jpg Hand INC.svg Madan Mohan Jha 70
3. Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Logo of CPIML Liberation.jpg Dipankar Bhattacharya 19
4. Communist Party of India CPI-banner.svg Indian Election Symbol Ears of Corn and Sickle.png Ram Naresh Pandey[58] 6
5. Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI-M-flag.svg Indian Election Symbol Hammer Sickle and Star.png Awadhesh Kumar 4


There are a number of other smaller parties and coalitions contesting the election,[59] the prospects and impact of these formations have been noted to be marginal.[59][60] As of January 2020, there were 120 unrecognised registered parties in Bihar.[60][61]

On 2 October 2020, there were reportedly four other noteworthy alliances that had emerged; United Democratic Secular Alliance (UDSA), Progressive Democratic Alliance (PDA), United Democratic Alliance (UDA),[59] and an alliance consisting of the Rashtriya Lok Samta Party, Bahujan Samaj Party and Janvadi Party (Socialist).[59][62] The UDSA consisted of the Janata Dal (Democratic) led by the veteran socialist Devendra Prasad Yadav and the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen.[63] The PDA consisted of the Jan Adhikar Party led by Pappu Yadav alongside the Azad Samaj Party led by Chandrashekhar Azad, who were further supported by the Social Democratic Party of India and the Bahujan Mukti Party.[62] The UDA consisted of a front of 20 parties collectively led by the former Bharatiya Janata Party cabinet minister Yashwant Sinha and other transiently popular mass leaders.[59]

On 8 October 2020, the UDSA and the three party front including the Bahujan Samaj Party were merged into a single coalition called the Grand Democratic Secular Front (GDSF), the alliance additionally included the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party.[64][65] Among the constituent parties, only the All India Majlis-e-Iteehadul Muslimeen had representation in the assembly through a single legislator.[65] In the meantime, the UDA which was the front led by Yashwant Sinha had reportedly fallen apart as various members of the constituent parties had defected to join the mainstream regional and national parties.[64] Other notable parties that are contesting independent of an alliance, are the Lok Janshakti Party on 135 seats, the Loktantrik Janata Dal on 51 seats, the Shiv Sena on 30–40 seats and the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha on 7 seats.[66][67][68][69]


Assembly Constituency NDA MGB LJP
# Name Party Candidate Party Candidate Party Candidate
Paschim Champaran District
1 Valmiki Nagar JD(U) Dhirendra Pratap Singh INC Rajesh Singh LJP Mahendra Kumar Bharti
2 Ramnagar BJP Bhagirathi Devi INC Rajesh Ram
3 Narkatiaganj BJP Rashmi Verma INC Vinay Verma LJP Naushad Alam
4 Bagaha BJP Ram Singh INC Jayesh Mangal Singh
5 Lauriya BJP Vinay Bihari RJD Shambhu Tiwari
6 Nautan BJP Narayan Prasad INC Sheikh Kamran
7 Chanpatia BJP Umakant Singh INC Abhishek Ranjan
8 Bettiah BJP Renu Devi INC Madan Mohan Tiwari
9 Sikta JD(U) Khurshid (Feroz Ahmad) CPI(ML)L Birendra Prasad Gupta IND Dilip Varma
Purvi Champaran District
10 Raxaul BJP Pramod Sinha INC Rambabu Yadav
11 Sugauli VIP Ramchandra Sahani RJD Shashi Bhushan Singh LJP Vijay Prasad Gupta
12 Narkatiya JD(U) Shyam Bihari Prasad RJD Shamim Ahmad LJP Sonu Kumar
13 Harsidhi BJP Krishnanandan Paswan RJD Kumar Nagendra
14 Govindganj BJP Sunil Mani Tiwari INC Brajesh Pandey LJP Raju Tiwari
15 Kesaria JD(U) Shalini Mishra RJD Santosh Kushawaha LJP Ram Sharan Prasad Yadav
16 Kalyanpur BJP Sachindra Prasad Singh RJD Manoj Kumar Yadav
17 Pipra BJP Shyambabu Prasad Yadav CPI(M) Rajmangal Prasad
18 Madhuban BJP Rana Randhir Singh RJD Madan Prasad
19 Motihari BJP Pramod Kumar RJD Om Prakash Choudhary
20 Chiraia BJP Lal Babu Prasad Gupta RJD Acchelal Yadav
21 Dhaka BJP Pawan Jaiswal RJD Faisal Rahman
Sheohar District
22 Sheohar JD(U) Sharfuddin RJD Chetan Anand Singh LJP Vijay Kumar Pandey
Sitamarhi District
23 Riga BJP Moti Lal Prasad INC Amit Kumar Tunna
24 Bathnaha BJP Anil Ram INC Sanjay Ram
25 Parihar BJP Gayatri Devi RJD Ritu Jaiswal
26 Sursand JD(U) Dilip Rai RJD Syed Abu Dojana LJP Amit Choudhari
27 Bajpatti JD(U) Ranju Geeta RJD Mukesh Kumar Yadav LJP MD Intakhab Alam
28 Sitamarhi BJP Mitilesh Kumar RJD Sunil Kumar
29 Runnisaidpur JD(U) Pankaj Kumar Mishra RJD Mangita Devi LJP Guddi Devi
30 Belsand JD(U) Sunita Singh Chauhan RJD Sanjay Kumar Gupta LJP Md Nasir Ahmad
Madhubani District
31 Harlakhi JD(U) Sudhanshu Shekhar CPI Ram Naresh Pandey LJP Vikash Kumar Misra
32 Benipatti BJP Vinod Narayan Jha INC Bhawana Jha
33 Khajauli BJP Arun Shankar Prasad RJD Sitaram Yadav
34 Babubarhi JD(U) Meena Kamat RJD Umakant Yadav LJP Amar Nath Prasad
35 Bisfi BJP Haribhushan Thakur RJD Faiyaz Ahmad
36 Madhubani VIP Suman Kumar Mahaseth RJD Samir Kumar Mahaseth LJP Arvind Kumar Purbey
37 Rajnagar BJP Ram Prit Paswan RJD Ramawatar Paswan
38 Jhanjharpur BJP Nitish Mishra CPI Ram Narayan Yadav
39 Phulparas JD(U) Sheela Kumari Mandal INC Kripanath Pathak LJP Binod Kumar Singh
40 Laukaha JD(U) Laxmeshwar Rai RJD Bharat Bhushan Mandal LJP Pramod Kumar Priyedarshi
Supaul District
41 Nirmali JD(U) Aniruddha Prasad Yadav RJD Yaduvansh Kumar Yadav LJP Gautam Kumar
42 Pipra JD(U) Ram Vilas Kamat RJD Vishwa Mohan Mandal LJP Shakuntala Prasad
43 Supaul JD(U) Bijendra Prasad Yadav INC Minnauttallah Rahmani LJP Prabhash Chandra Mandal
44 Triveniganj JD(U) Veena Bharti RJD Santosh Sardar LJP Renulata Bharti
45 Chhatapur BJP Neeraj Kumar Singh RJD Vipin Kumar Nonia
Araria District
46 Narpatganj BJP Jayprakash Yadav RJD Anil Kumar Yadav
47 Raniganj JD(U) Achmit Rishidev RJD Avinash Mangalam LJP Parmanand Rishidev
48 Forbesganj BJP Vidya Sagar Keshri INC Zakir Hussain
49 Araria JD(U) Shagufta Azim INC Avidur Rahman LJP Chandra Shekhar Singh Baban
50 Jokihat BJP Ranjeet Yadav RJD Sarfaraz Alam
51 Sikti BJP Vijay Mandal RJD Shatrughan Mandal
Kishanganj District
52 Bahadurganj VIP Lakhan Lal Pandit INC Md. Tauseef Alam
53 Thakurganj JD(U) Naushad Alam RJD Saud Alam LJP Mahommad Kalim Uddin
54 Kishanganj BJP Sweety Singh INC Izharul Hussain
55 Kochadhaman JD(U) Mujahid Alam RJD Shahid Alam LJP Habibur Rahman
Purnia District
56 Amour JD(U) Saba Zafar INC Abdul Jalil Mastan LJP Manoj Kumar Nishad
57 Baisi BJP Vinod Yadav RJD Abdus Subhan
58 Kasba HAM(S) Rajendra Yadav INC Md. Afaque Alam LJP Pradeep Kumar Das
59 Banmankhi BJP Krishna Kumar Rishi RJD Upendra Sharma
60 Rupauli JD(U) Bima Bharti CPI Vikas Chandra Mandal LJP Shankar Singh
61 Dhamdaha JD(U) Leshi Singh RJD Dilip Kumar Yadav LJP Yogendra Kumar
62 Purnia BJP Vijay Khemka INC Indu Sinha
Katihar District
63 Katihar BJP Tarkishore Prasad RJD Ram Prakash Mahto
64 Kadwa JD(U) Suraj Prasad Rai INC Shakeel Ahmad Khan LJP Chandra Bhushan Thakur
65 Balrampur VIP Barun Kumar Jha CPI(ML)L Mahbub Alam LJP Sangita Devi
66 Pranpur BJP Nisha Singh INC Tauquir Alam
67 Manihari JD(U) Shambhu Suman INC Manohar Prasad Singh LJP Anil Kumar Oraon
68 Barari JD(U) Vijay Singh Nishad RJD Neeraj Kumar LJP Bibhash Chandra Choudhary
69 Korha BJP Kavita Paswan INC Poonam Paswan
Madhepura District
70 Alamnagar JD(U) Narendra Narayan Yadav RJD Naveen Nishad LJP Sunila Devi
71 Bihariganj JD(U) Niranjan Kumar Mehta INC Subhashini Bundela LJP Vijay Kumar Singh
72 Singheshwar JD(U) Ramesh Rishidev RJD Chandrahas Choupal LJP Amit Kumar Bharti
73 Madhepura JD(U) Nikhil Mandal RJD Chandrasekhar LJP Saakar Suresh Yadav
Saharsa District
74 Sonbarsha JD(U) Ratnesh Sada INC Tarni Rishidev LJP Sarita Devi
75 Saharsa BJP Alok Ranjan Jha RJD Lovely Anand
76 Simri Bakhtiarpur VIP Mukesh Sahani RJD Yusuf Salahuddin LJP Sanjay Kumar Singh
77 Mahishi JD(U) Gunjeshwar Sah RJD Gautam Krishna LJP Abdur Razzaque
Darbhanga District
78 Kusheshwar Asthan JD(U) Shashi Bhushan Hajari INC Ashok Kumar LJP Poonam Kumari
79 Gaura Bauram VIP Swarna Singh RJD Afzal Ali Khan LJP Rajeev Kumar Thakur
80 Benipur JD(U) Binay Kumar Choudhary INC Mithilesh Chaudhary LJP Kamal Ram Vinod Jha
81 Alinagar VIP Mishri Lal Yadav RJD Binod Mishra LJP Raj Kumar Jha
82 Darbhanga Rural JD(U) Faraz Fatmi RJD Lalit Kumar Yadav LJP Pradeep Kumar Thakur
83 Darbhanga BJP Sanjay Saraogi RJD Amarnath Gami
84 Hayaghat BJP Ramchandra Shah RJD Bhola Yadav
85 Bahadurpur JD(U) Madan Sahni RJD Ramesh Chaudhary LJP Devendra Kumar Jha
86 Keoti BJP Murari Mohan Jha RJD Abdul Bari Siddiqui
87 Jale BJP Jibesh Kumar Mishra INC Mashkoor Ahmad Usmani
Muzaffarpur District
88 Gaighat JD(U) Maheshwar Prasad Yadav RJD Niranjan Rai LJP Komal Singh
89 Aurai BJP Ram Surat Ray CPI(ML)L Aftab Alam
90 Minapur JD(U) Manoj Kumar RJD Rajeev Kumar LJP Ajay Kumar
91 Bochahan VIP Musafir Paswan RJD Ramai Ram LJP Amar Azad
92 Sakra JD(U) Ashok Kumar Choudhary INC Umesh Kumar Ram LJP Sanjay Paswan
93 Kurhani BJP Kedar Gupta RJD Anil Kumar Sahni
94 Muzaffarpur BJP Suresh Kumar Sharma INC Bijender Chaudhary
95 Kanti JD(U) Mohammad Jamal RJD Mohammad Israil Mansuri LJP Bijay Prasad Singh
96 Baruraj BJP Arun Kumar Singh RJD Nand Kumar Rai
97 Paroo BJP Ashok Kumar Singh INC Anunay Kumar Singh
98 Sahebganj VIP Raju Kumar Singh RJD Ram Vichar Ray LJP Krishan Kumar Singh
Gopalganj District
99 Baikunthpur BJP Mithlesh Tiwari RJD Prem Shankar
100 Barauli BJP Rampravesh Rai RJD Reyazul Haque Raju
101 Gopalganj BJP Subash Singh INC Asif Gafoor
102 Kuchaikote JD(U) Amarendra Kumar Pandey INC Kali Prasad Pandey LJP Ravi Pandey
103 Bhore JD(U) Sunil Kumar CPI(ML)L Jitendra Paswan LJP Pushpa Devi
104 Hathua JD(U) Ramsewak Singh RJD Rajesh Kumar Singh LJP Ramdarshan Prasad
Siwan District
105 Siwan BJP Om Prakash Yadav RJD Awadh Bihari Choudhary
106 Ziradei JD(U) Kamla Kushwaha CPI(ML)L Amarjeet Kushwaha LJP Vinod Tiwari
107 Darauli BJP Ramayan Manjhi CPI(ML)L Satyadeo Ram
108 Raghunathpur JD(U) Rajeshwar Chouhan RJD Hari Shankar Yadav LJP Manoj Kumar Singh
109 Daraunda BJP Karanjeet Singh CPI(ML)L Amarnath Yadav
110 Barharia JD(U) Shyam Bahadur Singh RJD Bachcha Pandey LJP Birabahadur Singh
111 Goriakothi BJP Devesh Kant Singh RJD Nutan Verma
112 Maharajganj JD(U) Hem Narayan Sah INC Vijay Shanker Dubey LJP Kumar Deo Ranjan Singh
Saran District
113 Ekma JD(U) Sita Devi RJD Sri Kant Yadav LJP Kameshwar Singh
114 Manjhi JD(U) Madhvi Singh CPI(M) Satyendra Yadav LJP Saurabh Kumar Pandey
115 Baniapur VIP Virendra Kumar Ojha RJD Kedarnath Singh LJP Tarkeshwar Singh
116 Taraiya BJP Janak Singh RJD Sipahilal Mahato
117 Marhaura JD(U) Altaf Alam RJD Jitendra Kumar Ray LJP Vinay Kumar
118 Chapra BJP C.N. Gupta RJD Randhir Kumar Singh
119 Garkha BJP Gyanchand Manjhi RJD Surendra Ram
120 Amnour BJP Krishan Kumar Mantoo RJD Sunil Kumar Ray
121 Parsa JD(U) Chandrika Roy RJD Chhote Lal Ray LJP Rakesh Kumar Singh
122 Sonepur BJP Vinay Kumar Singh RJD Ramanuj Prasad Yadav
Vaishali District
123 Hajipur BJP Awadhesh Singh RJD Deo Kumar Chaurasia
124 Lalganj BJP Sanjay Kumar Singh INC Rakesh Kumar LJP Raj Kumar Sah
125 Vaishali JD(U) Siddharth Patel INC Sanjeev Singh LJP Ajay Kumar Kushwaha
126 Mahua JD(U) Asma Parveen RJD Mukesh Kumar Raushan LJP Sanjay Kumar Singh
127 Raja Pakar JD(U) Mahendra Ram INC Pratima Kumari Das LJP Dhananjay Kumar
128 Raghopur BJP Satish Kumar Yadav RJD Tejashwi Yadav LJP Rakesh Raushan
129 Mahnar JD(U) Umesh Singh Kushwaha RJD Bina Singh LJP Rabindra Kumar Singh
130 Patepur BJP Lakhinder Paswan RJD Shivchandra Ram
Samastipur District
131 Kalyanpur JD(U) Maheshwar Hazari CPI(ML)L Ranjeet Kumar Ram LJP Mona Prasad Sundeshwar Ram
132 Warisnagar JD(U) Ashok Kumar Singh CPI(ML)L Phoolbabu Singh LJP Urmila Sinha
133 Samastipur JD(U) Ashwamedh Devi RJD Md. Shaheen LJP Mahendra Pradhan
134 Ujiarpur BJP Sheel kumar Roy RJD Alok Kumar Mehta
135 Morwa JD(U) Vidyasagar Singh Nishad RJD Ranvijay Sahu LJP Abhay Kumar Singh
136 Sarairanjan JD(U) Vijay Kumar Chaudhary RJD Arvind Kumar Sahni LJP Abhash Kumar Jha
137 Mohiuddinnagar BJP Rajesh Singh RJD Ejya Yadav
138 Bibhutipur JD(U) Ram Balak Singh CPI(M) Ajay Kumar LJP Chandrabali Thakur
139 Rosera BJP Birendra Paswan INC Nagendra Vikal LJP Krishan Raj Paswan
140 Hasanpur JD(U) Raj Kumar Ray RJD Tej Pratap Yadav LJP Manish Kumar Sahni
Begusarai District
141 Cheria-Bariarpur JD(U) Manju Verma RJD Raj Banshi Mahto LJP Rakhi Devi
142 Bachhwara BJP Surendra Mehta CPI Awadhesh Kumar Rai
143 Teghra JD(U) Birendra Kumar CPI Ram Ratan Singh LJP Lalan Kumar
144 Matihani JD(U) Narendra Kumar Singh CPI(M) Rajendra Prasad Singh LJP Raj Kumar Singh
145 Sahebpur Kamal JD(U) Shashikant Kumar Shashi RJD Sattanand Sambuddha LJP Surendra Kumar
146 Begusarai BJP Kundan Singh INC Amita Bhushan
147 Bakhri BJP Ramshankar Paswan CPI Suryakant Paswan
Khagaria District
148 Alauli JD(U) Sadhna Devi RJD Ramvriksh Sada LJP Ramchandra Sada
149 Khagaria JD(U) Poonam Devi Yadav INC Chatrapati Yadav LJP Renu Kumari
150 Beldaur JD(U) Panna Lal Singh Patel INC Chandan Kumar LJP Mithilesh Kumar Nishad
151 Parbatta JD(U) Sanjeev Kumar Singh RJD Digambar Prasad Tiwary LJP Aditya Kumar Shyour
Bhagalpur District
152 Bihpur BJP Kumar Shailendra RJD Shailesh Kumar Mandal
153 Gopalpur JD(U) Narendra Kumar Niraj RJD Shailesh Kumar LJP Suresh Bhagat
154 Pirpainti BJP Lalan Kumar Paswan RJD Ram Vilash Paswan
155 Kahalgaon BJP Pawan Kumar Yadav INC Shubhanand Mukesh
156 Bhagalpur BJP Rohit Pandey INC Ajeet Sharma LJP Rajesh Verma
157 Sultanganj JD(U) Lalit Narayan Mandal INC Lalan Kumar LJP Nilam Devi
158 Nathnagar JD(U) Lakshmikant Mandal RJD Ali Ashraf Siddiqui LJP Amarnath Prasad
Banka District
159 Amarpur JD(U) Jayant Raj INC Jitendra Singh LJP Mrinal Shekhar
160 Dhoraiya JD(U) Manish Kumar RJD Bhudeo Choudhary LJP Dipak Kumar Paswan
161 Banka BJP Ram Narayan Mandal RJD Javed Iqbal Ansari
162 Katoria BJP Nikki Hembrom RJD Sweety Sima Hembram
163 Belhar JD(U) Manoj Yadav RJD Ramdeo Yadav LJP Kumari Archana Yadav
Munger District
164 Tarapur JD(U) Mewa Lal Choudhary RJD Divya Prakash LJP Mina Devi
165 Munger BJP Pranav Kumar Yadav RJD Avinash Kumar Vidyarthi
166 Jamalpur JD(U) Shailesh Kumar INC Ajay Kumar Singh LJP Durgesh Kumar Singh
Lakhisarai District
167 Suryagarha JD(U) Ramanand Mandal RJD Prahlad Yadav LJP Ravishanker Prasad Singh
168 Lakhisarai BJP Vijay Kumar Sinha INC Amaresh Kumar
Sheikhpura District
169 Sheikhpura JD(U) Randhir Kumar Soni RJD Vijay Kumar LJP Imam Ghazali
170 Barbigha JD(U) Sudarshan Kumar INC Gajanand Shahi LJP Madhukar Kumar
Nalanda District
171 Asthawan JD(U) Jitendra Kumar RJD Anil Kumar LJP Ramesh Kumar
172 Biharsharif BJP Sunil Kumar RJD Sunil Kumar
173 Rajgir JD(U) Kaushal Kishore INC Ravi Jyoti Kumar LJP Manju Devi
174 Islampur JD(U) Chandrasen Prasad RJD Rakesh Kumar Raushan LJP Naresh Prasad Singh
175 Hilsa JD(U) Krishnamurari Sharan RJD Shakti Singh Yadav LJP Kumar Suman Singh
176 Nalanda JD(U) Shrawan Kumar INC Gunjan Patel LJP Ram Keshwar Prasad
177 Harnaut JD(U) Harinarayan Singh INC Kundan Gupta LJP Mamta Devi
Patna District
178 Mokama JD(U) Rajiv Lochan Narayan Singh RJD Anant Kumar Singh LJP Suresh Singh Nishad
179 Barh BJP Gyanendra Kumar Singh INC Satyendra Bahadur
180 Bakhtiarpur BJP Ranvijay Singh Yadav RJD Aniruddh Kumar
181 Digha BJP Sanjeev Chaurasiya CPI(ML)L Shashi Yadav
182 Bankipur BJP Nitin Nabin INC Luv Sinha
183 Kumhrar BJP Arun Kumar Sinha RJD Dharamendra Kumar
184 Patna Sahib BJP Nand Kishore Yadav INC Parveen Khushwaha
185 Fatuha BJP Satyendra Singh RJD Rama Nand Yadav
186 Danapur BJP Asha Devi Yadav RJD Ritlal Ray
187 Maner BJP Nikhil Anand Yadav RJD Bhai Virendra
188 Phulwari JD(U) Arun Manjhi CPI(ML)L Gopal Ravidas
189 Masaurhi JD(U) Nutan Paswan RJD Rekha Devi LJP Parshuram Kumar
190 Paliganj JD(U) Jai Vardhan Yadav CPI(ML)L Sandeep Saurav LJP Usha Vidyarthi
191 Bikram BJP Atul Kumar INC Siddharth Saurav
Bhojpur District
192 Sandesh JD(U) Vijendra Yadav RJD Kiran Devi LJP Shweta Singh
193 Barhara BJP Raghvendra Pratap Singh RJD Saroj Yadav
194 Arrah BJP Amrendra Pratap Singh CPI(ML)L Quyamuddin Ansari
195 Agiaon JD(U) Prabhunath Prasad CPI(ML)L Manoj Manzil LJP Rajeshwar Paswan
196 Tarari BJP Kaushal Kumar Singh CPI(ML)L Sudama Prasad
197 Jagdishpur JD(U) Shushumlata Kushwaha RJD Ram Vishnun Singh LJP Sri Bhagwan Singh Kushwaha
198 Shahpur BJP Munni Devi RJD Rahul Tiwari
Buxar District
199 Brahampur VIP Jairaj Chaudhary Bind RJD Shambhunath Yadav LJP Hulas Pandey
200 Buxar BJP Parshuram Chaubey INC Sanjay Kumar Tiwari
201 Dumraon JD(U) Anjum Ara CPI(ML)L Ajit Kumar Singh LJP Akhilesh Kumar Singh
202 Rajpur JD(U) Santosh Kumar Nirala INC Vishwanath Ram LJP Nirbhaya Kumar Nirala
Kaimur District
203 Ramgarh BJP Ashok Kumar Singh RJD Sudhakar Singh
204 Mohania BJP Niranjan Ram RJD Sangita Kumari
205 Bhabua BJP Rinki Rani Pandey RJD Bharat Bind
206 Chainpur BJP Brij Kishor Bind INC Prakash Kumar Singh
Rohtas District
207 Chenari JD(U) Lalan Paswan INC Murari Prasad Gautam LJP Chandra Shekhar Paswan
208 Sasaram JD(U) Ashok Kumar RJD Rajesh Kumar Gupta LJP Rameshwar Chaurasiya
209 Kargahar JD(U) Bashist Singh INC Santosh Kumar Mishra LJP Rakesh Kumar Singh
210 Dinara JD(U) Jai Kumar Singh RJD Vijay Kumar Mandal LJP Rajendra Prasad Singh
211 Nokha JD(U) Nagendra Chandravanshi RJD Anita Devi LJP Krishna Kabir
212 Dehri BJP Satyanarayan Singh Yadav RJD Phate Bahadur Singh
213 Karakat BJP Rajeshwar Raj CPI(ML)L Arun Singh
Arwal District
214 Arwal BJP Dipak Kumar Sharma CPI(ML)L Maha Nand Singh
215 Kurtha JD(U) Satyadeo Singh RJD Bagi Kumar Verma LJP Bhuwneshwar Pathak
Jehanabad District
216 Jehanabad JD(U) Krishnanandan Prasad Verma RJD Suday Yadav LJP Indu Devi Kashyap
217 Ghosi JD(U) Rahul Kumar CPI(ML)L Rambali Singh Yadav LJP Rakesh Kumar Singh
218 Makhdumpur HAM(S) Devendra Manjhi RJD Satish Kumar
Aurangabad District
219 Goh BJP Manoj Kumar Sharma RJD Bhim Kumar Singh
220 Obra JD(U) Sunil Kumar RJD Rishi Kumar LJP Prakash Chandra
221 Nabinagar JD(U) Virendra Kumar Singh RJD Vijay Kumar Singh
(Dabloo Singh)
LJP Vijay Kumar Singh
222 Kutumba HAM(S) Shravan Bhuyan INC Rajesh Kumar LJP Sarun Paswan
223 Aurangabad BJP Ramadhar Singh INC Anand Shankar Singh
224 Rafiganj JD(U) Ashok Kumar Singh RJD Mohammad Nehaluddin LJP Manoj Kumar Singh
Gaya District
225 Gurua BJP Rajiv Nandan RJD Vinay Kumar
226 Sherghati JD(U) Vinod Prasad Yadav RJD Manju Agrawal LJP Mukesh Kumar Yadav
227 Imamganj HAM(S) Jitan Ram Manjhi RJD Uday Narayan Choudhary LJP Shobha Sinha
228 Barachatti HAM(S) Jyoti Devi RJD Samata Devi LJP Renuka Devi
229 Bodh Gaya BJP Hari Manjhi RJD Kumar Sarvjeet
230 Gaya Town BJP Prem Kumar INC Akhauri Onkar Nath
231 Tikari HAM(S) Anil Kumar INC Sumant Kumar LJP Kamlesh Sharma
232 Belaganj JD(U) Abhay Kumar Sinha RJD Surendra Prasad Yadav LJP Ramashray Sharma
233 Atri JD(U) Manorama Devi RJD Ajay Yadav LJP Arvind Kumar Singh
234 Wazirganj BJP Birendra Singh INC Shashi Shekhar Singh
Nawada District
235 Rajauli BJP Kanhaiya Kumar RJD Prakash Veer
236 Hisua BJP Anil Singh INC Nitu Kumari
237 Nawada JD(U) Kaushal Yadav RJD Vibha Devi LJP Shashi Bhusan Kumar
238 Gobindpur JD(U) Purnima Yadav RJD Mohammed Kamran LJP Ranjeet Yadav
239 Warsaliganj BJP Aruna Devi INC Satish Kumar
Jamui District
240 Sikandra HAM(S) Prafulla Manjhi INC Sudhir Kumar LJP Ravishankar Paswan
241 Jamui BJP Shreyasi Singh RJD Vijay Prakash Yadav
242 Jhajha JD(U) Damodar Rawat RJD Rajendra Yadav LJP Rabindra Yadav
243 Chakai JD(U) Sanjay Prasad RJD Savitri Devi LJP Sanjay Kumar Mandal
Source: Election Commission of India

Surveys and polls[edit]

According to Times Now-C Voter Bihar Poll Survey, 61.1% are angry with incumbent CM Nitish Kumar's governance and want a government change. Other 25.2% are angry with Nitish Kumar's government but don't want change. The rest 13.7% are not angry with Nitish Kumar. The poll shows the huge anti-incumbency and dissatisfaction wave against NDA and want change towards RJD and Mahagathbandhan alliance.[70]

Seat share[edit]

Polling type Date Polling Agency Majority Ref
NDA UPA Others
Exit poll
20 October 2020 India Today-Lokniti CSDS 133-143 88-98 8-16 11-21 [71]
Opinion poll 12 October 2020 Times Now-Cvoter 160 76 7 39 [72]
25 September 2020 ABP-Cvoter 141-161 64-84 13-23 20–40 [73]

Vote Share[edit]

Polling type Date Polling Agency Ref
NDA UPA Others
Exit poll
Opinion poll 25 September 2020 ABP-Cvoter 44.8 33.2 22.0 [73]
20 October 2020 India Today-CSDS Lokniti 38 32 30 [71]


The Chief election commissioner of India Sunil Arora announced on 25 September 2020 that Bihar assembly elections will be held from 28 October 2020, in three phases for 243 constituencies.[74] Per the Election Commission of India, approximately 60 registered parties contest are to in the Bihar elections.[75]

The elections will be conducted amid the COVID-19 pandemic with the necessary guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India. The election will consist of both, virtual and physical campaigns. The authorities will also pass the guidelines over limited people to be involved in the rallies. Due to Covid-19, the polling time will be increased by one hour and will now be from 7am to 6pm, except in Naxalite–Maoist insurgency affected areas.[76][77]




Alliance Party Popular vote Seats
Votes % ±pp Contested Won +/−
NDA Janata Dal (United) 115
Bharatiya Janata Party 110
Vikassheel Insaan Party 11
Hindustani Awam Morcha 7
MGB Rashtriya Janata Dal 144
Indian National Congress 70
Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) 19
Communist Party of India 6
Communist Party of India (Marxist) 4
GDSF Rashtriya Lok Samta Party 104
Bahujan Samaj Party 80
Samajwadi Janata Dal Democratic 25
All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen 24
Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party 5
Janvadi Party (Socialist) 5
None Lok Janshakti Party 135
Shiv Sena
Nationalist Congress Party
Jharkhand Mukti Morcha
None of the Above (NOTA) -

Results by District Wise[edit]

District Total
West Champaran 9
East Champaran 12
Sheohar 1
Sitamarhi 8
Madhubani 10
Supaul 5
Araria 6
Kishanganj 4
Purnia 7
Katihar 7
Madhepura 4
Saharsa 4
Darbhanga 10
Muzaffarpur 11
Gopalganj 6
Siwan district 8
Saran 10
Vaishali 8
Samastipur 10
Begusarai 7
Khagaria 4
Bhagalpur 7
Banka 5
Munger 3
Lakhisarai 2
Sheikhpura 2
Nalanda 7
Patna 14
Bhojpur 7
Buxar 4
Kaimur 4
Rohtas 7
Arwal 2
Jehanabad 3
Aurangabad 6
Gaya 9
Nawada 5
Jamui 4
Total 243

Results by Constituency[edit]

Assembly Constituency Turnout
Winner Runner Up Margin Poll On
# Name Candidate Party Votes % Candidate Party Votes %
Paschim Champaran District
1 Valmiki Nagar TBD TBD 07.11.2020
2 Ramnagar TBD TBD
3 Narkatiaganj TBD TBD
4 Bagaha TBD TBD
5 Lauriya TBD TBD
6 Nautan TBD TBD 03.11.2020
7 Chanpatia TBD TBD
8 Bettiah TBD TBD
9 Sikta TBD TBD 07.11.2020
Purvi Champaran District
10 Raxaul TBD TBD 07.11.2020
11 Sugauli TBD TBD
12 Narkatiya TBD TBD
13 Harsidhi TBD TBD 03.11.2020
14 Govindganj TBD TBD
15 Kesaria TBD TBD
16 Kalyanpur TBD TBD
17 Pipra TBD TBD
18 Madhuban TBD TBD
19 Motihari TBD TBD 07.11.2020
20 Chiraia TBD TBD
21 Dhaka TBD TBD
Sheohar District
22 Sheohar TBD TBD 03.11.2020
Sitamarhi District
23 Riga TBD TBD 07.11.2020
24 Bathnaha TBD TBD
25 Parihar TBD TBD
26 Sursand TBD TBD
27 Bajpatti TBD TBD
28 Sitamarhi TBD TBD 03.11.2020
29 Runnisaidpur TBD TBD
30 Belsand TBD TBD
Madhubani District
31 Harlakhi TBD TBD 07.11.2020
32 Benipatti TBD TBD
33 Khajauli TBD TBD
34 Babubarhi TBD TBD
35 Bisfi TBD TBD
36 Madhubani TBD TBD 03.11.2020
37 Rajnagar TBD TBD
38 Jhanjharpur TBD TBD
39 Phulparas TBD TBD
40 Laukaha TBD TBD 07.11.2020
Supaul District
41 Nirmali TBD TBD 07.11.2020
42 Pipra TBD TBD
43 Supaul TBD TBD
44 Triveniganj TBD TBD
45 Chhatapur TBD TBD
Araria District
46 Narpatganj TBD TBD 07.11.2020
47 Raniganj TBD TBD
48 Forbesganj TBD TBD
49 Araria TBD TBD
50 Jokihat TBD TBD
51 Sikti TBD TBD
Kishanganj District
52 Bahadurganj TBD TBD 07.11.2020
53 Thakurganj TBD TBD
54 Kishanganj TBD TBD
55 Kochadhaman TBD TBD
Purnia District
56 Amour TBD TBD 07.11.2020
57 Baisi TBD TBD
58 Kasba TBD TBD
59 Banmankhi TBD TBD
60 Rupauli TBD TBD
61 Dhamdaha TBD TBD
62 Purnia TBD TBD
Katihar District
63 Katihar TBD TBD 07.11.2020
64 Kadwa TBD TBD
65 Balrampur TBD TBD
66 Pranpur TBD TBD
67 Manihari TBD TBD
68 Barari TBD TBD
69 Korha TBD TBD
Madhepura District
70 Alamnagar TBD TBD 07.11.2020
71 Bihariganj TBD TBD
72 Singheshwar TBD TBD
73 Madhepura TBD TBD
Saharsa District
74 Sonbarsha TBD TBD 07.11.2020
75 Saharsa TBD TBD
76 Simri Bakhtiarpur TBD TBD
77 Mahishi TBD TBD
Darbhanga District
78 Kusheshwar Asthan TBD TBD 03.11.2020
79 Gaura Bauram TBD TBD
80 Benipur TBD TBD
81 Alinagar TBD TBD
82 Darbhanga Rural TBD TBD
83 Darbhanga TBD TBD 07.11.2020
84 Hayaghat TBD TBD
85 Bahadurpur TBD TBD
86 Keoti TBD TBD
87 Jale TBD TBD
Muzaffarpur District
88 Gaighat TBD TBD 07.11.2020
89 Aurai TBD TBD
90 Minapur TBD TBD 03.11.2020
91 Bochahan TBD TBD 07.11.2020
92 Sakra TBD TBD
93 Kurhani TBD TBD
94 Muzaffarpur TBD TBD
95 Kanti TBD TBD 03.11.2020
96 Baruraj TBD TBD
97 Paroo TBD TBD
98 Sahebganj TBD TBD
Gopalganj District
99 Baikunthpur TBD TBD 03.11.2020
100 Barauli TBD TBD
101 Gopalganj TBD TBD
102 Kuchaikote TBD TBD
103 Bhore TBD TBD
104 Hathua TBD TBD
Siwan District
105 Siwan TBD TBD 03.11.2020
106 Ziradei TBD TBD
107 Darauli TBD TBD
108 Raghunathpur TBD TBD
109 Daraunda TBD TBD
110 Barharia TBD TBD
111 Goriakothi TBD TBD
112 Maharajganj TBD TBD
Saran District
113 Ekma TBD TBD 03.11.2020
114 Manjhi TBD TBD
115 Baniapur TBD TBD
116 Taraiya TBD TBD
117 Marhaura TBD TBD
118 Chapra TBD TBD
119 Garkha TBD TBD
120 Amnour TBD TBD
121 Parsa TBD TBD
122 Sonepur TBD TBD
Vaishali District
123 Hajipur TBD TBD 03.11.2020
124 Lalganj TBD TBD
125 Vaishali TBD TBD
126 Mahua TBD TBD 07.11.2020
127 Raja Pakar TBD TBD 03.11.2020
128 Raghopur TBD TBD
129 Mahnar TBD TBD
130 Patepur TBD TBD 07.11.2020
Samastipur District
131 Kalyanpur TBD TBD 07.11.2020
132 Warisnagar TBD TBD
133 Samastipur TBD TBD
134 Ujiarpur TBD TBD 03.11.2020
135 Morwa TBD TBD 07.11.2020
136 Sarairanjan TBD TBD
137 Mohiuddinnagar TBD TBD 03.11.2020
138 Bibhutipur TBD TBD
139 Rosera TBD TBD
140 Hasanpur TBD TBD
Begusarai District
141 Cheria-Bariarpur TBD TBD 03.11.2020
142 Bachhwara TBD TBD
143 Teghra TBD TBD
144 Matihani TBD TBD
145 Sahebpur Kamal TBD TBD
146 Begusarai TBD TBD
147 Bakhri TBD TBD
Khagaria District
148 Alauli TBD TBD 03.11.2020
149 Khagaria TBD TBD
150 Beldaur TBD TBD
151 Parbatta TBD TBD
Bhagalpur District
152 Bihpur TBD TBD 03.11.2020
153 Gopalpur TBD TBD
154 Pirpainti TBD TBD
155 Kahalgaon TBD TBD 28.10.2020
156 Bhagalpur TBD TBD 03.11.2020
157 Sultanganj TBD TBD 28.10.2020
158 Nathnagar TBD TBD 03.11.2020
Banka District
159 Amarpur TBD TBD 28.10.2020
160 Dhoraiya TBD TBD
161 Banka TBD TBD
162 Katoria TBD TBD
163 Belhar TBD TBD
Munger District
164 Tarapur TBD TBD 28.10.2020
165 Munger TBD TBD
166 Jamalpur TBD TBD
Lakhisarai District
167 Suryagarha TBD TBD 28.10.2020
168 Lakhisarai TBD TBD
Sheikhpura District
169 Sheikhpura TBD TBD 28.10.2020
170 Barbigha TBD TBD
Nalanda District
171 Asthawan TBD TBD 03.11.2020
172 Biharsharif TBD TBD
173 Rajgir TBD TBD
174 Islampur TBD TBD
175 Hilsa TBD TBD
176 Nalanda TBD TBD
177 Harnaut TBD TBD
Patna District
178 Mokama TBD TBD 28.10.2020
179 Barh TBD TBD
180 Bakhtiarpur TBD TBD 03.11.2020
181 Digha TBD TBD
182 Bankipur TBD TBD
183 Kumhrar TBD TBD
184 Patna Sahib TBD TBD
185 Fatuha TBD TBD
186 Danapur TBD TBD
187 Maner TBD TBD
188 Phulwari TBD TBD
189 Masaurhi TBD TBD 28.10.2020
190 Paliganj TBD TBD
191 Bikram TBD TBD
Bhojpur District
192 Sandesh TBD TBD 28.10.2020
193 Barhara TBD TBD
194 Arrah TBD TBD
195 Agiaon TBD TBD
196 Tarari TBD TBD
197 Jagdishpur TBD TBD
198 Shahpur TBD TBD
Buxar District
199 Brahampur TBD TBD 28.10.2020
200 Buxar TBD TBD
201 Dumraon TBD TBD
202 Rajpur TBD TBD
Kaimur District
203 Ramgarh TBD TBD 28.10.2020
204 Mohania TBD TBD
205 Bhabua TBD TBD
206 Chainpur TBD TBD
Rohtas District
207 Chenari TBD TBD 28.10.2020
208 Sasaram TBD TBD
209 Kargahar TBD TBD
210 Dinara TBD TBD
211 Nokha TBD TBD
212 Dehri TBD TBD
213 Karakat TBD TBD
Arwal District
214 Arwal TBD TBD 28.10.2020
215 Kurtha TBD TBD
Jehanabad District
216 Jehanabad TBD TBD 28.10.2020
217 Ghosi TBD TBD
218 Makhdumpur TBD TBD
Aurangabad District
219 Goh TBD TBD 28.10.2020
220 Obra TBD TBD
221 Nabinagar TBD TBD
222 Kutumba TBD TBD
223 Aurangabad TBD TBD
224 Rafiganj TBD TBD
Gaya District
225 Gurua TBD TBD 28.10.2020
226 Sherghati TBD TBD
227 Imamganj TBD TBD
228 Barachatti TBD TBD
229 Bodh Gaya TBD TBD
230 Gaya Town TBD TBD
231 Tikari TBD TBD
232 Belaganj TBD TBD
233 Atri TBD TBD
234 Wazirganj TBD TBD
Nawada District
235 Rajauli TBD TBD 28.10.2020
236 Hisua TBD TBD
237 Nawada TBD TBD
238 Gobindpur TBD TBD
239 Warsaliganj TBD TBD
Jamui District
240 Sikandra TBD TBD 28.10.2020
241 Jamui TBD TBD
242 Jhajha TBD TBD
243 Chakai TBD TBD


Government Formation[edit]



See also[edit]


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