2020 Burkinabè general election

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2020 Burkinabé general election

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Presidential election
  Roch Marc Christian Kaboré MSC 2018 (cropped).jpg La paix avec EDDIE.jpg Zéphirin Diabré 2017 cropped.jpg
Nominee Roch Marc Christian Kaboré Eddie Komboïgo Zéphirin Diabré
Popular vote 1,645,229 442,693 354,988
Percentage 57.74% 15.54% 12.46%

2020 Burkina Faso Presidential Election Results Map.svg
Presidential Election Results by Province. Orange denotes districts won by Kaboré, Red denotes districts won by Komboïgo and Green denotes districts won by Diabré.

President before election

Roch Marc Christian Kaboré

Elected President

Roch Marc Christian Kaboré

General elections were held in Burkina Faso on 22 November 2020 to elect the President and National Assembly.[1] In the presidential elections, incumbent president Roch Marc Christian Kaboré of the People's Movement for Progress was re-elected in the first round with 57.7% of the vote, avoiding the need for second round. The main campaign focus of the major presidential candidates was the growing insecurity in the country with the rise in terrorism and ethnic violence.[2]

Electoral system[edit]

The President is elected using the two-round system;[3] if no candidate receives a majority of the vote in the first round, a second round will be held.

The 127 members of the National Assembly are elected by proportional representation; 111 are elected from 45 multi-member constituencies with between two and nine seats, with 16 elected from a single nationwide constituency.[4]


In February 2019 former Prime Minister Kadré Désiré Ouédraogo announced that he would contest the presidential elections.[5]


Due to instability, the election commission was unable to conduct voter registration in more than 17% of the country.[6] Fifty-two out of 127 members of parliament suggested that they would not be able to campaign in their constituency due to security concerns. With increased pressure from the government not to postpone the elections, the National Assembly passed a bill on 24 August to introduce a force majeure clause.[7] The clause allowed the elections to continue as normal and in areas where insecurity limited the vote from being held, the results from polling stations that were able to open dictated the result for the entire constituency. At the start of the campaign period, municipalities in six of the thirteen regions had cases of force majeure.[7][8]

The COVID-19 pandemic also prevented voter registrations between 30 March and 25 May.[9]

On election day, voting did not take place in 926 of the 19,836 polling stations, disenfranchising 596,756 registered voters.[10]



Roch Marc Christian KaboréPeople's Movement for Progress1,645,22957.74
Eddie KomboïgoCongress for Democracy and Progress442,69315.54
Zéphirin DiabréUnion for Progress and Reform354,98812.46
Kadré Désiré OuédraogoAct Together95,6613.36
Tahirou BarryNational Rebirth Party62,2312.18
Ablassé OuedraogoAlternative Faso51,4611.81
Gilbert Noël OuédraogoADF–RDA45,2631.59
Yacouba Isaac ZidaPatriotic Movement for Salvation43,5371.53
Abdoulaye SomaSun of the Future Movement40,7241.43
Segui Ambroise FaramaOrganisation of African Peoples – Burkina Faso25,9160.91
Kiemdoro do Pascalo SessoumaVision Burkina20,0680.70
Yéli Monique KamMovement for the Renaissance of Burkina15,3220.54
Claude Aimé TassembedoIndependent6,4420.23
Valid votes2,849,53595.86
Invalid/blank votes123,0554.14
Total votes2,972,590100.00
Registered voters/turnout5,918,84450.22
Source: Constitutional Court

National Assembly[edit]

Burkina Faso Assemblée nationale 2020.svg
People's Movement for Progress968,98034.5950656+1
Congress for Democracy and Progress371,63313.2718220+2
Union for Progress and Reform285,20210.1810212–21
New Era for Democracy155,9955.5712113+10
Alliance for Democracy and Federation – African Democratic Rally69,1792.472130
Union for Rebirth / Sankarist Party68,7272.454150
Patriotic Rally for Integrity67,3042.40213New
Party for Development and Change56,4072.01213+3
Movement for the Future Burkina Faso55,1361.97314New
New Alliance of Faso48,4991.73000–2
National Convention for Progress37,0421.32202New
Act Together36,1631.29202New
Pan-African Alliance for Refoundation29,5771.06101New
Progressives United for Renewal28,8941.03101New
Union for the Republic and Democracy28,8641.03000New
Party for Democracy and Socialism/Metba27,7570.991010
SENS Movement26,8490.96000New
Patriotic Movement for Salvation26,3690.94000New
Organisation for Democracy and Labour24,8690.89000–1
Movement for Change and Renaissance22,8090.81000New
Alliance of Forces for Alternance21,4430.77000New
Convergence for Progress and Solidarity-Generation 320,6390.74101New
African Front for Change11,9050.42000New
Rally of Patriots for Renewal11,8330.420000
Sun of the Future Movement11,2240.40000New
Democratic Party for Integration and Solidarity10,7140.38000New
Independent Associates10,1730.36000New
National Rebirth Party9,3950.34000–2
Labour Alliance for Development9,3080.33000New
Alliance of Democrats of Burkina8,2820.30000New
Burkina Yirwa7,8330.280000
Movement of Young Patriots for Progress7,1410.25000New
Congress for Rebirth and Progress6,8730.25000New
Union for the Republic6,3850.230000
Alternative Faso6,3700.23000–1
Coalition Rupture6,3070.23000New
L'Autre Burkina/PSR5,9960.21000New
Patriotic Pan-African Alternative5,9060.21000New
Movement of the People for Democracy5,6860.200000
Burkinabé Democratic Union for Renaissance5,5700.20000New
Organisation of African Peoples-Burkina Faso5,4260.19000New
Movement for Democracy in Africa5,4080.19000–1
Rally of Burkinans for Progress5,3570.19000New
Independent Party of Burkina5,0740.18000New
Faso Kanu4,9590.18000New
Our Common Cause4,8430.17000New
Rally of People for Labour4,6170.16000New
Party for Democratic Renewal4,1840.15000New
Congress of African Nations/Burkina Faso4,0980.15000New
Rally for Burkina3,9730.14000New
Union of Centrist Forces3,8940.14000New
Movement for Progress and Reform3,8770.140000
Patriotic Convergence for Renewal/Progressive Movement3,6450.130000
Standing Citizens Movement3,4960.12000New
Rally of White Hands3,4220.12000New
Party of Republican People3,3150.12000New
Party of Justice and Development2,9590.11000New
National Union of Independents for Reform2,9110.100000
Movement for the Renaissance of Burkina2,7480.10000New
Convergence of Patriots and Progressives2,7140.10000New
Party of Pan-African Patriots2,6940.100000
Party for National Unity and Development2,6200.090000
Party for National Cohesion2,5940.090000
Party for Democracy and Youth2,3290.080000
Alliance for Rebirth, Democracy and Integration2,2750.080000
Workers of Peace and Development2,2710.08000New
Fasocrat Party2,2080.080000
Movement of Intellectuals for Development2,1110.08000New
Alliance of Democrats for Development2,0920.07000New
Alliance of Generations for Renaissance2,0750.07000New
Movement for Democratic Renewal1,9850.07000New
Patriotic Front for Change1,8670.07000New
Union for Social Development1,8290.07000New
Vision Burkina1,8050.06000New
Coalition of Democratic Forces for Real Change1,7860.06000New
Burkina Socialist Party1,6060.06000New
Republican Party for Total Independence1,5840.060000
Hope of Faso1,5770.06000New
Sun Alliance for Progress1,5700.06000New
Party for the Protection of the Environment/Nature Conservation1,4810.050000
Ecologist Party for New Development1,4080.050000
Movement for Patriotic Rally1,2820.05000New
Burkina Laafia Party1,2410.040000
Together for Faso1,1780.04000New
Party for Labour and Democracy1,1630.04000New
National Union for Democracy and Progress1,1230.040000
Democratic Organisation for the Defence of Nature1,1020.04000New
Party of Democrats of Faso1,0920.04000New
New Vision1,0790.04000
Coalition for the Republic–Progressive Party1,0730.040000
Patriotic Movement for Alternance1,0550.04000New
Movement for Reconciliation and the Renewal of Faso1,0310.04000New
Burkina United for Triumph9770.03000New
National Union of Independents9690.03000New
Patriotic Party of Young Republicans9410.03000New
Party for the Rebirth of Democracy in Faso9390.030000
Party of Rally for Democratic Integrity and Solidarity9360.03000New
Mouvement le Ril vaa-ir8520.03000New
Conscious Youth of Burkina8300.030000
Alliance for the Republic and Democracy7500.030000
Integrated Youth Committed to Change7320.03000New
African Movement of the Peoples7290.030000
Common Front for Development6920.02000New
Pan-African Movement of United Forces for Work, Union and Renaissance6640.02000New
New Democratic Initiative–Peoples Action Party6060.020000
Centrist Party for Democracy and Progress5460.020000
Alliance for Peace and Integrity5420.02000New
Burkina United for Development5070.02000New
Movement for the Defence of Democracy4990.02000New
Party of African Grouping4540.02000New
Pan-African Movement of Faso3810.010000
La Nature2860.01000New
Party of People for Progress in Faso2500.01000New
Party of Progress for National Renewal2370.01000New
Party for Development and Democracy1920.01000New
Burkina on the Road to Development1870.01000New
Movement of Young Republicans1680.01000
National Party for Development and Peace1240.000000
Union for Democracy and Development1190.00000New
Les Tondikara de la Paix640.00000New
March for the Fatherland330.00000New
Valid votes2,801,27295.68
Invalid/blank votes126,4874.32
Total votes2,927,759100.00
Registered voters/turnout5,895,77349.66
Source: Constitutional Court


Although the opposition accused the government of committing electoral fraud before and after the election, on 27 November opposition leader Zephirin Diabre conceded defeat and met with Kabore to congratulate him on his re-election.[11] The opposition failed to produce substantial evidence of electoral fraud and the election commission quickly dismissed the claims of irregularities.[11] Observers considered the election fair.[12] In the country's east, there was a minor incident as 30 people voted using fake ballot papers as there were not any "original" ballot papers available. However, Halidou Ouedraogo, President of local election monitoring organization CODEL said that it was not a widespread phenomenon and gave the election a mostly clean bill.[2]


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