2020 Guamanian legislative election

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2020 Guamanian legislative election

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All 15 seats of the Legislature of Guam
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Tina Rose Muna Barnes Telo T. Taitague
Party Democratic Republican
Leader's seat At-large district At-large district
Seats before 10 5
Seats won 8 7
Seat change Decrease 2 Increase 2

Speaker before election

Tina Rose Muña Barnes

Elected Speaker

Therese M. Terlaje

Legislative elections were held in Guam on Tuesday, November 3, 2020,[1] along with the election for the Guam delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. Before the election, the Democratic Party held ten of the fifteen seats in the Legislature while the Republican Party held five seats. The election resulted in a gain of two seats for the Republican and a loss of two seats for Democrats to retain. Democrats also won the runoff race for Guam's US House Delegate.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Guam cancelled its August primary elections. All 29 certified candidates advanced to the Legislative general election and appeared on the ballot in November 2020.






  • Dominic Joaquin Hernandez
  • James "Jim" Camacho Moylan (I)
  • Vicente Anthony "Tony" Ada
  • Joaquin Vicente Leon Guerrero
  • Christopher M. Duenas
  • Frank Flores Blas Jr.
  • Telo Teresa Taitague (I)
  • Joanne M. Brown
  • Vincent A.V. Borja
  • Don Antonio Ada Edquilane
  • Mary Camacho Torres (I)
  • Michelle Lynn Armenta
  • Sandra Reyes Seau
  • Joseph Iglesias "JI" Cruz



  • William "Wil" M. Castro (running for Delegate)


The members of the legislature are elected at-large with the first 15 winning candidates elected as the new members of the legislature. The Republican Party picked up two seats from Democrats, leaving the composition for the next legislature at 8 Democrats and 7 Republicans. Democrat Michael F.Q. San Nicolas also won the re-election for the runoff Delegate.

General election results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Therese M. Terlaje (incumbent) 18,993
Republican James Camacho Moylan (incumbent) 17,228
Democratic Telena M.C. Nelson (incumbent) 15,195
Democratic Joe Shimizu San Agustin (incumbent) 15,121
Republican Mary Camacho Torres (incumbent) 14,892
Republican Vicente Anthony "Tony" Ada 13,848
Democratic Amanda Shelton (incumbent) 13,571
Republican Telo Teresa Taitague (incumbent) 13,468
Republican Frank F. Blas Jr. 13,225
Democratic Tina Rose Muña Barnes (incumbent) 11,850
Democratic Clynt E. Ridgell (incumbent) 11,530
Republican Christopher M. Duenas 11,246
Republican Joanne M. Brown 10,226
Democratic Sabina E.F. Perez (incumbent) 9,976
Democratic Jose "Pedo" T. Terlaje (incumbent) 9,774
Democratic Kelly Marsh Taitano (incumbent) 9,283
Democratic John A. Ananich II 9,092
Republican Vincent A.V. Borja 8,746
Democratic Fred E. Bordallo Jr. 8,713
Democratic Frank G. Leon Guerrero 8,356
Republican Joaquin Vicente Leon Guerrero 7,805
Republican Joseph "J.I." Iglesias Cruz 7,119
Republican Sandra Reyes Seau 6,525
Republican Michelle Lynn Armenta 6,239
Democratic Franklin J. Meno 5,313
Republican Christopher L. Carillo 4,842
Democratic David Ralph Duenas 4,746
Republican Dominic Joaquin Hernandez 4,158
Republican Don Antonio Ada Edquilane 3,185
Overvotes 3,540
Undervotes 142,371
Democratic hold

Incoming Senators to the 36th Guam Legislature[edit]

There were 15 senators elected on November 3, 2020, to serve in the 36th Guam Legislature and set to inaugurated on January 4, 2021:






  • Frank F. Blas Jr. (returning)
  • V. Anthony "Tony" Ada (returning)
  • Joanne M. Brown (returning)
  • Christopher M. Duenas (returning)

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