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General elections were held in Kuwait on 5 December 2020.[1][2][3] Two-thirds of the incumbents lost their seats, including the 2016 parliament's sole woman MP Safa Al Hashem.[4]


Registration of candidates contesting for the 50 seats of the National Assembly took place between 26 October and 4 November 2020.[5][6] 102 schools were used for the 2020 National Assembly elections on December 5.[7] Each school had a clinic set up to check on the health condition of all those entering.[8]

Electoral system[edit]

The 50 elected members of the National Assembly are elected from five 10-seat constituencies by single non-transferable vote.[9] Political parties are not officially licensed, therefore candidates run as individuals, although many political groups operate freely as de facto political parties.[10] All Kuwaiti citizens (both male and female) above the age of 21 have the right to vote. Expatriate workers, who constituted 70% of the population, were not enfranchised.


Overall, opposition candidates won 24 seats, up from 16 in the previous parliament. The election was seen as a victory for the anti-government opposition bloc. Thirty of the elected candidates were under the age of 45; whilst there were 29 female candidates, none were elected, leaving the parliament without a female MP for the first time since the year 2012.[10] There was a total of 567,694 registered voters, of which 394,131 cast a valid vote.[11]

Constituency Candidate Votes Notes
First Constituency Hassan Abdullah Johar 5,849 Elected
Yusuf Fahad Al-Ghurayyeb 5,064 Elected
Ahmad Khalifa Al-Shuhoomi 4,129 Elected
Hamad Ahmad Rouhuddine 3,783 Elected
Essa Ahmad Al-Kandari 3,398 Elected
Ali Abdulrasoul Al-Qattan 3,320 Elected
Adnan Abdulsamad Zahed 3,052 Elected
Abdullah Mohammad Al-Turaiji 2,472 Elected
Abdullah Jassem Al-Mudhaf 3,437 Elected
Osama Essa Al-Shaheen 2,167 Elected
Second Constituency Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim 5,179 Elected
Mohammad Barrak Al-Mutair 3,456 Elected
Khalil Ibrahim Al-Saleh 3,117 Elected
Hammad Mohammad Al-Matar 2,903 Elected
Salman Khaled Al-Azmi 2,866 Elected
Khaled Ayed Al-Enezi 2,565 Elected
Bader Nasser Al-Humaidi 2,534 Elected
Bader Hamed Al-Mulla 2,483 Elected
Hamad Saif Al-Harshani 2,208 Elected
Ahmad Mohammad Al-Hamad 2,195 Elected
Third Constituency Abdulkareem Abdullah Al-Kandari 5,585 Elected
Osama Ahmad Al-Munawer 3,858 Elected
Muhannad Talal Al-Sayer 3,565 Elected
Hesham Abdulsamad Al-Saleh 3,345 Elected
Abdulaziz Tareq Al-Saqabi 3,340 Elected
Yusuf Saleh Al-Fadhalah 2,992 Elected
Mubarak Zaid Al-Mutairi 2,982 Elected
Saadoun Hammad Al-Otaibi 2,979 Elected
Fares Saad Al-Otaibi 2,942 Elected
Muhalhal Khaled Al-Mudhaf 2,904 Elected
Fourth Constituency Shuaib Shabbab Al-Muwaizri 6,200 Elected
Fayez Ghannam Al-Mutairi 5,774 Elected
Musa'ad Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi 5,750 Elected
Mohammad Obaid Al-Rajhi 5,198 Elected
Saud Saad Al-Mutairi 5,100 Elected
Thamer Saad Al-Dhefeeri 4,935 Elected
Marzouq Khalifa Al-Khalifa 4,760 Elected
Farz Mohammad Al-Daihani 4,701 Elected
Saad Ali Al-Rashidi 4,520 Elected
Mubarak Haif Al-Hajraf 4,422 Elected
Fifth Constituency Hamdan Salem Al-Azmi 8,387 Elected
Bader Zayed Al-Azmi 8,371 Elected
Mubarak Abdullah Al-Ajmi 6,801 Elected
Al-Saifi Mubarak Al-Ajmi 6,294 Elected
Khaled Mohammad Al-Otaibi 5,387 Elected
Humoud Mebrek Al-Azmi 5,347 Elected
Saleh Theyab Al-Mutairi 5,113 Elected
Nasser Saad Al-Doseri 4,750 Elected
Mohammad Hadi Al-Huweila 4,720 Elected
Ahmad Abdullah Al-Azmi 4,651 Elected
Source: KUNA (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


Following the elections, a new Speaker of the National Assembly was elected on 15 December. Incumbent Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim was re-elected with 33 votes, defeating Bader Nasser Al-Humaidi, who received 28. Four members did not vote.

Parliament unanimously approved a motion of noncooperation, meaning the cabinet must be replaced.[12]


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