2020 Labour Party deputy leadership election

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2020 Labour Party deputy leadership election
← 2015 21 February – 4 April 2020 (2020-02-21 – 2020-04-04)
  Rosena professional headshot (cropped).jpg Richard Burgon.jpg Official portrait of Dawn Butler crop 2.jpg
Candidate Rosena Allin-Khan Richard Burgon Dawn Butler
MP/MEP Nominations 23 22 29
CLP/Affiliate Nominations 1 affiliate, 1 CLP 1 CLP

  Official portrait of Ian Murray crop 2.jpg Official portrait of Angela Rayner crop 2 2.jpg
Candidate Ian Murray Angela Rayner
MP/MEP Nominations 34 88
CLP/Affiliate Nominations 1 CLP 2 affiliate, 11 CLPs

Incumbent Deputy Leader

Vacant[note 1]

The 2020 Labour Party deputy leadership election is an upcoming election which was triggered on 6 November 2019 by the resignation of Tom Watson as deputy leader of the Labour Party of the United Kingdom. It is being held alongside a leadership election.


Tom Watson resigned as deputy leader of the Labour Party and as an MP in November 2019 ahead of the 2019 United Kingdom general election.[1]


The election will be conducted under a pure "one member, one vote" (OMOV) system. Candidates would be elected by members and registered and affiliated supporters, who all receive a maximum of one vote and all votes will be weighted equally. This means that, for example, members of Labour-affiliated trade unions need to register as affiliated Labour supporters to vote.[2]

To stand, challengers needed to be nominated by at least 10% of the combined membership of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and European Parliamentary Labour Party (EPLP), meaning twenty-two MPs or MEPs at the time. They also needed to be nominated by at least 5% of Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs), or party affiliates that consist of at least 5% of affiliate members including at least two trades unions.[3] Affiliates consist of affiliated trades unions, socialist societies and the Co-operative Party.[4][5] The vote, as in previous elections, will be held under the alternative vote (instant-runoff) system.[3]


Dawn Butler, the shadow equalities secretary, announced on 7 November 2019 that she would stand to be deputy leader.[6] Khalid Mahmood, the shadow Europe minister, announced his candidacy on 17 December 2019. The shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon announced that he would stand on 31 December 2019 with an article in Tribune.[7][8]

Angela Rayner announced her candidacy on 6 January 2020.[9]

On 9 January, Mahmood withdrew from the contest, saying it had become clear he was unlikely to win the support of the necessary 22 MPs or MEPs.[10]

The five remaining deputy leadership candidates achieved the requisite 22 MP/MEP nominations by the 13 January deadline and proceeded to the next stage of the contest.[11]


Nominated by parliamentarians[edit]

The following individuals have been nominated by the necessary number of Labour parliamentarians, subject to receiving backing from the required number of constituency parties or affiliated organisations.

Candidate Born Political office Campaign Ref.
Rosena professional headshot (cropped).jpg
Rosena Allin-Khan
1 January 1977
(age 43)
Tooting, London, England
Shadow Sport Minister (2016–2020)
MP for Tooting (2016–present)
Campaign [12]
Richard Burgon.jpg
Richard Burgon
19 September 1980
(age 39)
Leeds, England
Shadow Justice Secretary (2016–present)
MP for Leeds East (2015–present)
Official portrait of Dawn Butler crop 2.jpg
Dawn Butler
3 November 1969
(age 50)
Newham, London, England
Shadow Equalities Secretary (2017–present)
MP for Brent Central (2015–present)
Youth Minister (2009–2010)
MP for Brent South (2005–2010)
Campaign [13]
Official portrait of Ian Murray crop 2.jpg
Ian Murray
10 August 1976
(age 43)
Edinburgh, Scotland
MP for Edinburgh South (2010–present)
Shadow Scotland Secretary (2015–16)
Campaign [14]
Official portrait of Angela Rayner crop 2 2.jpg
Angela Rayner
28 March 1980
(age 39)
Stockport, Greater Manchester, England
Shadow Education Secretary (2016–present)
MP for Ashton-under-Lyne (2015–present)
Campaign [15]


Candidate Born Political office Withdrew Ref.
Official portrait of Mr Khalid Mahmood crop 2.jpg
Khalid Mahmood
13 July 1961
(age 58)
Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
Shadow Europe Minister (2016–present)
MP for Birmingham Perry Barr (2001–present)
9 January 2020
(nominated Allin-Khan)




Candidates first needed to be nominated by at least 10% (twenty-two) of current Labour MPs and MEPs, who comprise the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and the European Parliamentary Labour Party (EPLP). Candidates who passed this threshold then need nominations from at least 5% (thirty-three) Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs), or at least three affiliates including at least two trades unions that together represent at least 5% of affiliated members.[5]

The table below shows the current number of nominations or endorsements from MPs and MEPs, and counts the candidate themselves.

Candidate First stage –
Second stage
CLP Affiliate
Nominations[24] % Nominations % Nominations %
Rosena Allin-Khan
23 / 212
10.8% Green tickY
0 / 647
0 / 32
Richard Burgon
22 / 212
10.4% Green tickY
1 / 647
1 / 32
Dawn Butler
29 / 212
13.7% Green tickY
1 / 647
0 / 32
Khalid Mahmood (withdrawn)
3 / 212
[note 2]
1.4% Red XN
Ian Murray
34 / 212
16% Green tickY
1 / 647
0 / 32
Angela Rayner
88 / 212
41.5% Green tickY
11 / 647
3 / 32
9.4% Green tickY
196 / 212
92.5%[note 3]
14 / 647
4 / 32

Rosena Allin-Khan[edit]

PLP and EPLP nominations[25]

Richard Burgon[edit]

PLP and EPLP nominations[25]
Affiliate nominations
CLP nominations

Dawn Butler[edit]

PLP and EPLP nominations[25]
CLP nominations

Khalid Mahmood (withdrawn)[edit]

PLP and EPLP nominations[25]

Ian Murray[edit]

PLP and EPLP nominations[25]
CLP nominations[25]


Angela Rayner[edit]

PLP and EPLP nominations[25]
Affiliate nominations
CLP nominations


Candidates and potential candidates also received the support of notable people who aren't current Labour MPs.

Ian Murray[edit]

Angela Rayner[edit]

Opinion polls[edit]

Pollster/client Sample size First preference
Allin-Khan Burgon Butler Murray Rayner Others Lead
13–15 January 2020 YouGov/The Times 1,005 Labour members 8% 15% 12% 8% 57% N/A 42%
8–13 January 2020 Survation/LabourList 3,800 LabourList readers 5% 19% 8% 9% 60% <1%[a] 41%



Candidate status
Active candidate
Candidate withdrew
Watson announces resignation
Nominations from the PLP and EPLP close
Nominations from CLPs and affiliates open
Nominations from CLPs and affiliates close
Membership ballot opens
Membership ballot closes
Result announced
Khalid Mahmood (British politician)Angela RaynerIan Murray (Scottish politician)Dawn ButlerRichard BurgonRosena Allin-Khan






  • 6 January: Angela Rayner announces her candidacy
  • 7 January: Rosena Allin-Khan and Ian Murray announce their candidacies
  • 9 January: Khalid Mahmood withdraws
  • 13 January: MP/MEP nominations close, party announces that Allin-Khan, Burgon, Butler, Murray and Rayner all proceed to the next round
  • 15 January: Nominations from CLPs and affiliates open


  • 14 February: Nominations from CLPs and affiliates close
  • 21 February: Labour Party members receive postal ballots and online voting forms


  • 2 April: 12:00 – Voting closes
  • 4 April: Result of the votes announced and new Labour deputy leader announced


  1. ^ Tom Watson stepped down as Deputy Leader and as an MP on 12 December 2019
  2. ^ After his withdrawal, Mahmood's backers both nominated another candidate
  3. ^ Excludes Mahmood's nominators

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