2020 Niuean general election

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2020 Niuean general election

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All 20 members of the Niue Assembly

Premier before election

Toke Talagi

Elected Premier


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General elections were held in Niue on 30 May 2020.[1]

Electoral system[edit]

The 20 members of the Assembly are elected by two methods; 14 are elected from single-member consistencies and six are elected from a single nationwide constituency.[2] Both types of seat use first-past-the-post voting.


A total of 54 candidates contested the elections, of which 26 contested the six common roll seats. Three candidates – Mona Ainuu in Tuapa, Enetama Lipitoa in Namukulu and Talaititama Talaiti in Vaiea – were elected unopposed.[3] One of the candidates was former New Zealand MP and mayor of Wellington Mark Blumsky.[4]


The Premier Toke Talagi, in office for the previous twelve years, lost his seat, finishing tenth in the six-seat common roll constituency.[4] Five of the elected members were new to the Assembly. After a draw in Mutalau, the result was decided by a coin toss.[4]


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