2022 Latvian parliamentary election

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2022 Latvian parliamentary election
← 2018 On or before 1 October 2022   →

All 100 seats in the Saeima
51 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader Current seats
Harmony Jānis Urbanovičs[a] 19
JKP Jānis Bordāns[a] 15
AP! Daniels Pavļuts & Ivars Ijabs[a] 12
NA Raivis Dzintars[a] 12
JV Krišjānis Kariņš[a] 11
ZZS Edgars Tavars[a] 10
PCL Ieva Krapāne[a] 6
LuK Aldis Gobzems[a] 2
Incumbent Prime Minister
Arturs Krišjānis Kariņš

Parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in Latvia on 1 October 2022, following the end of the term of the Saeima elected in 2018. The election may be held at an earlier date in the event of an early election motion.

Electoral system[edit]

The 100 members of the Saeima are elected by open list proportional representation from five multi-member constituencies ranging in size from 13 to 32 seats and based on the regions, with overseas votes included in the Riga constituency. Seats are allocated using the Saint-Laguë method with a national electoral threshold of 5%.[1]

Opinion polls[edit]

Graphical summary


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