202 (number)

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← 201 202 203 →
Cardinal two hundred two
Ordinal 202nd
(two hundred second)
Factorization 2 × 101
Divisors 1, 2, 101, 202
Greek numeral ΣΒ´
Roman numeral CCII
Binary 110010102
Ternary 211113
Quaternary 30224
Quinary 13025
Senary 5346
Octal 3128
Duodecimal 14A12
Hexadecimal CA16
Vigesimal A220
Base 36 5M36

202 (two hundred [and] two) is the natural number following 201 and preceding 203.

In mathematics[edit]

202 is a Smith number, meaning that its digit sum and the sum of digits of its prime factors are equal.[1] It is also a strobogrammatic number, meaning that when shown on a seven-segment display, turning the display upside-down shows the same number.[2]

There are exactly 202 partitions of 32 (a power of two) into smaller powers of two.[3] There are also 202 distinct (non-congruent) polygons that can be formed by connecting all eight vertices of a regular octagon into a cycle,[4] and 202 distinct (non-isomorphic) directed graphs on four unlabeled vertices, not having any isolated vertices.[5]

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