206th Independent Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

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206th Independent Infantry Brigade
206th Independent Infantry Brigade.svg
Brigade badge used between December 1941 and October 1943.[1][2]
Active 12 October 1940-6 October 1943
Country  United Kingdom
Branch Flag of the British Army.svg British Army
Type Infantry Brigade
Role Home Defence
Not to be confused with 206th (2nd Essex) Brigade

206th Independent Infantry Brigade was a Home Defence formation of the British Army during World War II.


The brigade was formed under the title of 206th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) for service in the United Kingdom on 12 October 1940 by amalgamation of Headquarters Lothian Sub-Area and No 6 Infantry Training Group in Scottish Command. It originally comprised three newly raised infantry battalions[2] and one Territorial Army machine gun battalion that had seen service in the Battle of France.[2][3] It had no connection with 206th (2nd Essex) Brigade, a 2nd-Line Territorial Force formation raised during World War I.


During its service the brigade came under the administrative control of several higher formations: Scottish Command (until 16 December 1940), 44th (Home Counties) Division (17 December 1940 – 23 February 1941), 56th (London) Division (23 February–14 November 1941), 46th Division (14 November 1941 – 2 July 1942, 20 August–30 November 1942), North Kent and Surrey Area (3 July–19 August 1942), 43rd (Wessex) Division (1 December 1942 – 19 May 1943), Hampshire and Dorset District (20 May–5 October 1943). The brigade remained in the UK throughout its service.[2]

The brigade was re-designated the 206th Independent Infantry Brigade in December 1941. Brigade headquarters was disbanded on 6 October 1943.[2]

Order of Battle[edit]

The composition of the 206th Brigade was as follows:[2]


The commanders of 206th Bde were:[2]

  • Brigadier F.G. Drew (until 24 May 1941)
  • Brigadier R.A. Boxshall (24 May 1941 – 20 July 1942)
  • Brigadier L. Tremellen (20 July 1942 – 10 May 1943)
  • Brigadier G.F. Ellenberger (from 10 May 1943)


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