207 (City of Glasgow) Battery Royal Artillery

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207 (City of Glasgow) Battery, is a Army Reserve sub-unit, part of the 105th Regiment Royal Artillery. The battery is spread between BHQ and C Troop in Partick, Glasgow and D Troop based in Colinton, Edinburgh.

Formerly an air defence unit, 207 (City of Glasgow) Battery has been re-roled to field guns, using the L118 light gun

The Regiment trains regularly at the Otterburn Training Area, one of the few areas in the UK where large calibre weapons can be fired

The Regiment has trained in the Falkland Islands, as part of Exercise Sea Trout, and has had successful exercise in Romania. The Battery has also deployed in Gibraltar as well as in Cyprus and the USA. The Battery deployed to Denmark in 2013 and to Kenya in 2014.

The Battery carries the honour of firing regular royal salutes at Edinburgh Castle.

Army Reservists gunners have been mobilised to serve alongside regular Royal Artillery regiments in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have also supplied personnel for UN operations in Cyprus.

The 207 (City of Glasgow) Battery has a long lineage dating back to the Great war, with the breech from the last firing gun at Gallipoli being housed in the officers mess.