207th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)

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207th Infantry Division
207th Security Division

The German 207th Infantry Division was established in August 1939, and acted as a border security unit during the invasion of Poland as part of the Fourth Army under Army Group North. In May 1940 during the invasion of the Netherlands it attacked the Grebbe Line and was part of 18th Army. In June 1940 it was transferred to the OKH reserve. In July it was transferred to Pomerania, and in August it was disbanded and its elements used to create three security divisions: the 207th, the 281st, and the 285th.

The German 207th Security Division served on the Eastern Front under Army Group North until November 1944, when it was written off the books. Its headquarters staff continued as a "special purpose" (German z.b.V.) divisional headquarters under the Sixteenth Army, ending the war in the pocket with Army Group Courland.


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