208 (number)

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Cardinal two hundred eight
Ordinal 208th
(two hundred eighth)
Factorization 24× 13
Greek numeral ΣΗ´
Roman numeral CCVIII
Binary 110100002
Ternary 212013
Quaternary 31004
Quinary 13135
Senary 5446
Octal 3208
Duodecimal 15412
Hexadecimal D016
Vigesimal A820
Base 36 5S36

208 (two hundred [and] eight) is the natural number following 207 and preceding 209.

208 is a practical number,[1] a tetranacci number,[2][3] a rhombic matchstick number,[4] a happy number, and a member of Aronson's sequence.[5] There are exactly 208 five-bead necklaces drawn from a set of beads with four colors,[6] and 208 generalized weak orders on three labeled points.[7][8]