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20Ten Tour
Tour by Prince
Associated album20Ten
Start dateJuly 4, 2010
End dateNovember 18, 2010
No. of shows14 in Europe
1 in Asia
15 in Total (24 scheduled)
Prince concert chronology

20Ten Tour was a concert tour performed by American recording artist Prince in 2010 to promote his 20Ten album. The tour was divided in two legs, the first set of shows were from July 4 to July 25. The tour kicked off in Denmark and took Prince to Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and Portugal.[1] Larry Graham and Mint Condition were supporting acts.[2][3] He rehearsed them in Paisley Park Studios.[4][5][6] The second leg was from October 15 to November 18.[7] He played these dates with a slightly different band and no supporting acts. This leg of the tour took him to Norway, Denmark, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. He also took the tour to the United Arab Emirates where he performed at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Set list[edit]

The set list and duration varied heavily during the tour. During a single concert Prince would perform between 25 and 45 songs from the list below.

Set list of July 4, 2010, at the Festivalpladsen, Roskilde, Denmark[8]
  1. "Venus de Milo" (performed by Cassandra O'Neal on keyboards and vocals, sans Prince)
  2. "Let's Go Crazy"
  3. "Delirious" ft Frederic Yonnet(includes "Let's Go Crazy" coda)
  4. "1999"
  5. "Little Red Corvette"
  6. "Controversy" (includes "(I Like) Funky Music" chants)
  7. "Sexy Dancer"/"Le Freak" (includes "Controversy" coda and "Housequake" chants) (performed with Shelby J., Liv Warfield and Elisa Dease)
  8. "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?"
  9. "Take Me with U" (performed with Sheila E.)
  10. "Guitar"
  11. "Angel" (performed with Shelby J., Liv Warfield and Elisa Dease)
  12. "Lean on Me" (performed with Elisa Dease)
  13. "Nothing Compares 2 U" (performed with Shelby J., with fake jazz arrangement)
  14. "Purple Rain"


  1. "Mountains" (includes "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)", performed by Elisa Dease)
  2. "Everyday People"
  3. "I Want to Take You Higher" (includes "Love Rollercoaster" interpolation)

Encore 2

  1. "Kiss"

Encore 3

  1. "Dance (Disco Heat)" (performed with Shelby J., Liv Warfield and Elisa Dease)
Set list of July 13, 2010, at the Wiener Stadhalle, Vienna, Austria[9]
  1. "Purple Rain" (performed with Sheila E.)
  2. "Let's Go Crazy" (performed with Sheila E.)
  3. "Delirious" (includes "Let's Go Crazy" coda) (performed with Sheila E.)
  4. "1999" (performed with Sheila E.)
  5. "Shhh"
  6. "Cream" (performed with Sheila E.)
  7. "Dreamer"
  8. "Stratus"
  9. "The Glamorous Life" (performed with Sheila E., sans Prince)
  10. "The Question of U" (Instrumental)/"The One" (includes "Fallin'" and "Electric Man" interpolations) (performed with Sheila E.)
  11. "Musicology" (includes "Housequake" percussion interpolation, "Tighten Up" vocal interpolation and "Watermelon Man" segue-coda) (performed with Sheila E.)
  12. "Take Me with U" (performed with Sheila E.)
  13. "Kiss" (performed with Sheila E.)
  14. "Nothing Compares 2 U" (performed with Shelby J.)


  1. "The Bird" (performed with Sheila E.)
  2. "Jungle Love" (includes "Play That Funky Music" and "(I Like) Funky Music" chants) (performed with Sheila E.)
  3. "A Love Bizarre" (includes "(I Like) Funky Music" chants and "I Know You Got Soul" interpolation) (performed with Sheila E.)
  4. "Dance (Disco Heat)" (includes "Everybody Loves Me" chants and "Love Rollercoaster" guitar interpolation) (performed with Shelby J., Liv Warfield and Elisa Dease)

Encore 2

  1. "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?" (includes "Please, Please, Please")

Encore 3

  1. "Mountains" (includes "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)", performed by Elisa Dease and Sheila E.)
  2. "Everyday People" (performed with Sheila E.)
  3. "I Want to Take You Higher" (performed with Sheila E.)
  4. "Ol' Skool Company" (includes "Purple Rain" tease intro and "Also Sprach Zarathustra" interpolation) (performed with Sheila E.)

Encore 4

  1. "Peach" (performed with Sheila E., sans Cora Coleman-Dunham)

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
First Leg
July 4, 2010 Roskilde Denmark Roskilde Festival
July 5, 2010 Berlin Germany Waldbühne
July 9, 2010 Arras France La Citadelle
July 10, 2010 Werchter Belgium Werchter Festival Park
July 13, 2010 Vienna Austria Wiener Stadthalle
July 18, 2010 Lisbon Portugal Super Bock Super Rock
July 25, 2010 Nice France Stade Charles-Ehrmann
Second Leg
October 18, 2010 Bergen Norway Vestlandshallen
October 20, 2010 Copenhagen Denmark Forum Copenhagen
October 22, 2010 Herning Jyske Bank Boxen
November 2, 2010 Rome Italy PalaLottomatica
November 3, 2010 Milan Mediolanum Forum
November 8, 2010 Antwerp Belgium Sportpaleis
November 14, 2010 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Yas Marina Circuit
November 18, 2010 Arnhem Netherlands GelreDome

Box office score data[edit]

Venue City Tickets Sold / Available Gross Revenue
Sportpaleis Antwerp 14,391 / 15,719 (92%) $1,865,020


  • Prince: Lead Vocals and Guitar
  • Cora Coleman Dunham: Drums [First Leg]
  • John Blackwell: Drums [Second Leg]
  • Joshua Dunham: Bass [First Leg]
  • Ida Nielsen: Bass [Second Leg]
  • Cassandra O' Neal: Keyboards
  • Morris Hayes: Keyboards
  • Renato Neto: Keyboards [Second Leg]
  • Shelby Johnson: Vocals
  • Elisa Dease: Vocals
  • Liv Warfield: Vocals
  • Frédéric Yonnet: Harmonica [First Leg]
  • Sheila E.: Percussion and Vocals [Second Leg]

Due to unknown reasons, Sheila E. did not appear after the October 22 show.[14]


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