20 Fingers (film)

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20 Fingers
Directed by Mania Akbari
Produced by Bijan Daneshmand
Written by Mania Akbari
Starring Bijan Daneshmand
Mania Akbari
Cinematography Turaj Aslani
Edited by Mania Akbari
Release dates
Running time
72 minutes
Country Iran
Language Persian

20 Angosht, released in English-speaking markets as 20 Fingers, is a 2004 Iranian film directed by Mania Akbari. It stars the director and co-lead Bijan Daneshmand as a couple discussing their relationship and arguing, shot in several long takes on a DV camera.

The film deals with controversial topics such as divorce and homosexuality, and the film has not yet received permission to be shown uncut in its native country. It has achieved mild international success, winning Best Digital Film at the 61st Venice International Film Festival in 2004, where it was premiered.


  • Winner of the Best feature film in Venezia Cinema Digital Section (Venice, Italy - 2004)
  • The Grand jury prize for the spirit of freedom in Bahamas International Film Festival (Bahamas - 2004)
  • Special Mention Femina International Women's Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 2005)
  • Winner of Best Director and Best Actress Digital International Barcelona Film Festival(Barcelona, Spain - 2005)
  • Winner of the Most Innovative film Award Wine Country International Film Festival (California, USA - 2005)

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