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Casiopea - 20th.jpg
Live album by Casiopea
Released February 23, 2000
Recorded at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo, Tokyo Japan, October 2, 1999
Genre Jazz fusion
Length 1:53:21
Label Pioneer LDC
Producer Casiopea
Casiopea chronology
Bitter Sweet

20th is the seventh live album by the jazz fusion group Casiopea released in 2000. This is also a live recording of the 20th anniversary of Casiopea and their thirty-third album overall.

Track listing[edit]

CD 1
No. Title Music Original Album Length
1. "Freak Jack" Issei Noro Material 4:48
2. "Down South" Akira Jimbo Material 4:06
3. "Precious Joy" Yoshihiro Naruse Material 5:12
4. "Lucky Stars" Minoru Mukaiya Material 4:23
5. "Flash Back Medley"     37:45
Total length: 56:16
Flash Back Medley's song list
No. Title Music Original Album Length
1. "Dream Maker" Issei Noro Be  
2. "Chain Reaction" Issei Noro Light and Shadows  
3. "Blooming" Issei Noro Flowers  
4. "Ihilani" Minoru Mukaiya Freshness  
5. "Set Sail" Issei Noro Answers  
6. "Glory" Issei Noro Dramatic  
7. "New History" Issei Noro Active  
8. "Akappachi-Ism" Yoshihiro Naruse, Issei Noro Full Colors  
9. "Cyber Zone" Minoru Mukaiya, Issei Noro The Party  
10. "Super Sonic Movement" Issei Noro Euphony  
11. "Taiyo-Fu" Issei Noro Euphony  
12. "Do Loo Doo?" Issei Noro Platinum  
13. "Coast To Coast" Issei Noro SUN SUN  
14. "North Sea" Issei Noro HALLE  
15. "Zoom" Issei Noro Down Upbeat  
16. "Fabby Dabby" Issei Noro Jive Jive  
17. "Mid Manhattan" Akira Jimbo, Issei Noro FOUR BY FOUR  
18. "Domino Line" Issei Noro Cross Point  
19. "Eyes Of Mind" Issei Noro Make Up City  
20. "Space Road" Issei Noro CASIOPEA  
CD 2
No. Title Music Original Album Length
1. "Midnight Rendezvous" Issei Noro CASIOPEA 4:19
2. "Shocking Function" Noriaki Kumagai Dramatic 4:26
3. "Galactic Funk" Issei Noro Cross Point 11:02
4. "Red Zone" Tetsuo Sakurai Euphony 5:03
5. "Eccentric Games" Issei Noro, Yoshihiro Naruse Active 17:10
6. "Halle" Tetsuo Sakurai, Issei Noro, Minoru Mukaiya, Akira Jimbo HALLE 4:19
7. "Asayake" Issei Noro Super Flight 5:40
8. "Fight Man" Issei Noro Full Colors 5:17
Total length: 57:18



Issei Noro – Guitars, Synthesizer, Voice
Minoru Mukaiya – keyboards
Yoshihiro Naruse – Bass, Bass Synthesizer


Akira Jimbo – drums

Additional Musicians

Tetsuo Sakurai – Bass
Noriaki Kumagai – drums
Hidehiko Koike – keyboards


  • Sound Produced – CASIOPEA
  • Recording & Mixing Engineer – Hiroyuki Shimura, Masatatsu Tsubuki

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalog Note
Japan February 23, 2000 Pioneer LDC 12cmCD PICL-1199
July 26, 2006 Geneon Entertainment GNCL-1080
Region Date Label Format Catalog Note
Japan June 14, 2000 Pioneer LDC DVD PIBL-1001
June 23, 2004 Geneon Entertainment GNBL-1003


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