20th Century with Mike Wallace

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20th Century with Mike Wallace
Presented byMike Wallace
Theme music composerArranged by Peter Fish
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes163[1]
Executive producer(s)Sam Roberts
Producer(s)Lee Cohen
Editor(s)Judith Starr Wolfe
Running time60 minutes (nominal; non-commercial content about 47 minutes)
Production company(s)CBS News Productions
Original networkThe History Channel
Original release1994 (1994) –
2005 (2005)
Related showsThe Twentieth Century

20th Century with Mike Wallace was a documentary television program produced by CBS News Productions in association with A&E Network. It aired on The History Channel from approximately 1994-2005. It was hosted by veteran CBS correspondent and anchor Mike Wallace.

The program used footage gathered by CBS crews and contemporary reporting by CBS correspondents to document great events and movements of the 20th century, mainly the latter decades of that era.

The range of topics is suggested by some of the program titles — "Underwater: The Great [Mississippi River] Flood of '93" (no. 52, 1996-04-10); "Coming home: Agent Orange and the Gulf War Syndrome" (no. 91, 1998-11-18); "Search for Peace in the Middle East" (no. 106, 1998-12-14); "China after Mao" (no. 116, 1999-03-05).[2]


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