216th Brigade (United Kingdom)

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216th Brigade
216th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home)
Active 1916–8 April 1918
17 October 1940-13 December 1941
Country  United Kingdom
Branch Flag of the British Army.svg British Army
Type Infantry Brigade
Role Training and Home Defence
Brigadier Terence Battersby
Badge worn when in the Northumbrian County Division Northumbrian County Division -vector.svg

The 216th Brigade was a Home Service formation of the British Army during World War I and World War II.

First World War[edit]

216 Bde was raised in late 1916 as part of 72nd Division, which had the dual role of training men for overseas drafts and providing forces for home defence.[1]

On 21 December 1917 orders were issued to break up 72nd Division. Disbandment began in January 1918 and its last elements disappeared on 8 April 1918.[1]

Order of Battle[edit]

The following infantry battalions served in 216 Bde during World War I:[1]

Second World War[edit]

Formation and Service[edit]

A new brigade under the title of the 216th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) was formed for service in the United Kingdom on 17 October 1940 under the Aberdeen Area headquarters. It was composed of Scottish infantry battalions, which assembled on 2 December 1940.[2] The Brigade transferred from the Aberdeen Area to the Northumbrian Area on 25 February 1941, and then became part of the Northumberland County Division when that formation was created on 12 March 1941. The Divisional headquarters began to disband on 1 December 1941, and the brigade HQ disbanded on 13 December, all its battalions having been previously posted away.[2]


The following units served in 216 Bde:[2]


The following officers commanded 216 Bde:[2]

  • Brig T.E.M. Battersby (from 1 November 1940)
  • Brig W. Carden Roe (from 1 July 1941)
  • Lt-Col H. Ross-Skinner (acting from 29 October 1941)