21 Down

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21 Down
Cover to 21 Down #06.
Publication information
Publisher WildStorm
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date November 2002 - November 2003
Number of issues 12
Creative team
Writer(s) Justin Gray
Jimmy Palmiotti
Penciller(s) Jesus Saiz
Inker(s) Jimmy Palmiotti
Collected editions
The Conduit ISBN 1-4012-0120-2

21 Down is a comic book published by WildStorm, and created by writers Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Jesus Saiz.

Publication history[edit]

The title was an ongoing series published as a twelve-issue "season". Depending on sales, the creators hoped to produce a second season.[1] They planned to start the second season in the Eye of the Storm[2] but it never happened.


The comic tells the story of young Preston Kills, who could sense how people were going to die. Preston also knew that he was going to die at age 21, hence the title.

Collected editions[edit]

Part of the first "season" was collected as a trade paperback:



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