21st Armoured Brigade (Greece)

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21st Armoured Cavalry Brigade "Pindus"
XXI Τεθωρακισμένη Ταξιαρχία Ιππικού «ΠΙΝΔΟΣ»
21st Armoured Brigade Emblem Greece.jpg
Emblem of the 21st Armoured Brigade
Active 1970–today
Country  Greece
Branch HellenicArmySeal.svg Hellenic Army
Type Armoured
Size 5 Battalions
Part of 20th Armoured Division (Greece)
Garrison/HQ Komotini, Western Thrace
Motto(s) Not how many, but where

The 21st Armoured Cavalry Brigade "Pindus (Greek: XXI Τεθωρακισμένη Ταξιαρχία Ιππικού «ΠΙΝΔΟΣ», XXI ΤΘΤ) is a tank formation of the Hellenic Army, based in Komotini, Western Thrace.


The 21st Armoured Brigade was planned in 1968, but delays in acquiring the necessary equipment meant that it began forming at Litochoro on 1 December 1970, and was moved to the Komotini-Alexandroupoli area in September 1971.[1][2] Upon the completion of its formation in 1971, the Brigade comprised the 211th and 212th Medium Tank Battalions (211 & 212 ΕΜΑ), the 21st Reconnaissance Company (21 ΙΛΑΝ), and various support companies.[1]

From 1977 on, all its sub-units have been concentrated at Komotini.[2] On 1 December 2000, it received the honorific title "Pindus Cavalry Brigade".[2]


21st Armoured Cavalry Brigade "Pindus"

  • HQ Company (ΙΣΤ)
  • 211th Medium Tank Battalion (211 ΕΜΑ)
  • 212th Medium Tank Battalion (212 ΕΜΑ)
  • 646 Mechanized Infantry Battalion (646 M/K ΤΠ)
  • 140 Self Propelled Artillery Battalion (140 Α/K ΜΠΒ)
  • 21st Engineer Company (21 ΛΜΧ)
  • 21st Signal Company (21 ΛΔΒ)
  • 21st Support Battalion (21 ΕΥΠ)


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