21st Century Girls

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21st Century Girls
Also known as She Devil
Origin Dudley, UK
Years active 1996 - 2000
Labels 19 Recordings
Past members Leanne Garner
Fiona Garner
Kate Turley
Meriam "Mim" Mohammad
Charlotte Fendek

21st Century Girls were a teenage all-girl band founded in 1996 in Dudley, West Midlands, UK. Previously called She Devil, the band originally consisted of singer Leanne Garner, her sister Fiona Garner on bass, guitarists Kate Turley and Meriam "Mim" Mohammad, and drummer Charlotte Fendek. Fendek later left the band, and Mohammad moved onto drums.[1] In 1999, the band (then aged 14-16 years) were the first signing to Simon Fuller's 19 Recordings.[2] After a big publicity campaign the band released their debut single, "21st Century Girls", in June 1999.[3][4] The single reached number 16 on the UK charts.[5]

The band disbanded after they were dropped by their record company in 2000.[6]

Kate Turley went on to form the band The Fight.



1999 - "21st Century Girls" (19 Recordings/EMI #TOCP-65288) [Japan only release]


1999 - "21st Century Girls" / "If You're Mad Enough" (19 Recordings/EMI #F:519) UK #16

1999 - "Teenage Attack" / "Cats & Dogs" (19 Recordings/EMI #TOCP-40125) [Japan only release]

Final Line-Up[edit]

  • Leanne Garner - Lead Vocals
  • Fiona Garner - Bass / Vocals
  • Kate Turley - Guitar / Vocals
  • Meriam "Mim" Mohammad – Drums (previously Guitar) / Vocals

Previous Member[edit]

  • Charlotte Fendek - Drums


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