21st Golden Melody Awards

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21st Golden Melody Awards
LocationTaipei Arena, Taiwan
Hosted byHarlem Yu & Dee Shu
Television/radio coverage

Ceremonies of the 21st Golden Melody Awards were held at the Taipei Arena in Taipei, Taiwan on June 26, 2010.[1][2]


Registration for entry into the 21st Golden Melody Awards was opened from December 15, 2009 to January 4, 2010.

Nominees and winners[edit]

Popular Music categories[edit]

Song Of The Year[edit]

  • "Come If You Dare" — A-mei
    • "Desperado" — Super Band
    • "Fish" — Cheer Chen
    • "Riding A White Horse" — Lala Hsu
    • "Singing in the Trees" — Claire Kuo

Pop Album Of The Year[edit]

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance[edit]

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance[edit]

Best Music Video[edit]

  • Will Lin, Chen Ying Zhi/ “Daylight” by Sodagreen

Best Composer[edit]

  • Chen Hsiao Hsia “Singing in the Tree”

Best Lyricist[edit]

  • Lin Hsi/Kai Men Jian Shan “Amit”

Best Musical Arranger[edit]

  • Martin Teng/Hao Dan Ni Jiu Lai “Amit”

Best Album Producer[edit]

  • Ah Di Zai “Amit”

Best Single Producer[edit]

  • Mavis Fan “Owner”

Best Band[edit]

  • 1976

Best Vocal Group[edit]

Best New Artist[edit]

  • Lala HsuLala Hsu
    • A-Chord — Nothing But A Chord
    • Alisa Galper — Alisa Galper
    • Shadya Lan — The Secret
    • Soft Lipa — Winter Sweet

Best Taiwanese Male Singer[edit]

  • Hsiao Huang Chi “People Who Love to Dream”

Best Taiwanese Female Singer[edit]

  • Zeng Xin Mei “Go-Between”

Best Album[edit]

  • Farming Together — Yen Yung Neng
    • Dreamer — Hsiao Huang Chi

LiveJody Chiang

    • Film — Zhan Ya Wen

Best Hakka Singer[edit]

  • Emily Guan “Tou Bai De Ni”

Best Aboriginal Singer[edit]

  • Chalaw and Passiwali “Lao Lao Che”

Best Hakka Album[edit]

Best Aboriginal Album[edit]

  • “Ba Bu Chuan Sho” Bunun Aboriginals

Best Album[edit]

  • Paper Eagle/ Sizhukong Jazztet

Best Album Producer[edit]

  • Peng Yu Wen/ Paper Eagle

Best Composer[edit]

  • Li Yan Yun/Da Tao Cheng “Story Island”

Judges Award[edit]

  • Li Zong Cheng, Luo Da You, Zhou Hua Jian, Chang Cheng Yue/ Zong Guan Xian SUPER BAND Bei Shang Lie Che

Special Contributions Award[edit]


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