228 Hand-in-Hand rally

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228 Hand-in-Hand Rally
228 Hand-in-Hand rally
Traditional Chinese 228百萬人手牽手護台灣
Simplified Chinese 228百万人手牵手护台湾
Literal meaning One million people hand-in-hand to protect Taiwan on February 28

The 228 Hand-in-Hand rally (Chinese: 228百萬人手牽手護台灣) was a demonstration in the form of a human chain held in Taiwan on February 28, 2004, the 57th anniversary of the February 28 Incident. Approximately two million (estimation ranged from 1.9 to 2.3 million depending on the reporting media) Taiwanese formed a 500-kilometer (310 mi) long human chain, from the harbor at Keelung, Taiwan's northernmost city, to its southern tip at Eluanbi, Pingtung County to commemorate the incident, to call for peace, and to protest the deployment of missiles by the People's Republic of China aimed at Taiwan along the mainland coast.

This demonstration was inspired by Baltic Way, the human chain comprising two million that was organized in the Baltic states in 1989. Although billed as "non-political", the event was organized by the Pan-Green Coalition and took place only a few weeks before the 2004 ROC presidential election. Some of the symbolism of the demonstration, particularly at the point in the event where participants "turn away from China" veered clearly toward support of Taiwanese independence, and hence was not attended by members of the Pan-Blue Coalition who countered the demonstration with an island-wide rally of their own days later.

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