6th Jat Light Infantry

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6th Jat Light Infantry
6th Jat Regiment Headquarters Group (Photo 24-144).jpg
Headquarters Group near Merville, France July 1915
Active 1803-1922
Country British Raj Indian Empire
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Part of Bengal Army (to 1895),
Bengal Command
Uniform Red; faced pea-green, 1887 white
Engagements Nagpore
1838 - 42 Afghanistan
1842 Cabul
1878 - 80 Afghanistan
1878 Ali Masjid
1900 China
Colonel-in-Chief King Edward VII (1904)

The 6th Jat Light Infantry were an infantry regiment of the Bengal Army, later of the united British Indian Army. They could trace their origins to 1803, when they were the 1st Battalion, 22nd Bengal Native Infantry. Over the years they were known by a number of different names the 43rd Bengal Native Infantry 1824–1842, the 43rd Bengal Native (Light) Infantry 1842–1861, the 6th Bengal Native (Light) Infantry 1861–1897 and finally after the Kitchener reforms of the Indian Army the 6th Jat Bengal (Light) Infantry. The regiment was involved in the First Anglo-Afghan War, the First Anglo-Sikh War, the Second Anglo-Afghan War, the Boxer Rebellion and World War I. After World War I the Indian Government reformed the army moving from single battalion regiments to multi battalion regiments.[1] The 6th Jat Light Infantry became the new 1st Battalion, 9th Jat Regiment. After India gained independence they were one of the regiments allocated to the Indian Army.[2]


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