22nd Genie Awards

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22nd Genie Awards
Date 2002
Host Brian Linehan

The 22nd Genie Awards were held in 2002 to honour films released in 2001. The ceremony was hosted by Brian Linehan.

Nominees and winners[edit]

The Genie Award winner in each category is shown in bold text.

Motion Picture Direction
Actor in a leading role Actress in a leading role
Actor in a supporting role Actress in a supporting role
Screenplay Documentary
Best Live Action Short Drama Best Animated Short
Art Direction/Production Design Cinematography
Costume Design Editing
Overall Sound Sound Editing
  • Blue ribbon Stephen Barden, Kevin Banks, Joe Bracciale, John Sievert and Virginia Storey, Treed Murray
  • David McCallum, Fred Brennan, Garrett Kerr, Mishann Lau, Donna Powell, Jane Tattersall and Robert Warchol, Ginger Snaps
  • Marcel Pothier, Mathieu Beaudin, Jérôme Décarie, Jacques Plante and Claire Pochon, Karmina 2
  • Gael MacLean, Jim Harrington, Patrick Haskill, Michael Keeping and Gina Mueller, Marine Life
  • Marcel Pothier, Guy Francoeur, Carole Gagnon, Dominik Pagacz and Jacques Plante, A Girl at the Window
Achievement in Music: Original Score Achievement in Music: Original Song
Special awards