22nd Marching Regiment of Foreign Volunteers

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22nd Marching Regiment of Foreign Volunteers
2° - 22° RMVE.JPG
Regimental Insignia of the 22e RMVE
Country France
AllegianceFlag of legion.svgFrench Foreign Legion
BranchFranceFrench Army
TypeMarching Regiment
Motto(s)Volontaires Étranger
(Foreign Volunteers)
EngagementsWorld War II

The 22nd Marching Regiment of Foreign Volunteers (French: 21e Régiment de marche de volontaires étranger, 21e RMVE) was a regiment of the French Foreign Legion formed from expatriates living in France at the outbreak of World War II. While established as a different unit, its veterans are recognized as part of the Foreign Legion.


On September 16, 1939, the government of Édouard Daladier established Foreign Workers Companies (French: compagnie de travailleurs étrangers) which were not part of the French Foreign Legion.[1] These formations were called Régiments de marche de volontaires étrangers. The 22nd Marching Regiment of the Foreign Volunteers left its training depot at Bacarès on May 6 when it was deployed around Alsace.[2]


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