22nd Street (San Francisco)

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Coordinates: 37°45′17″N 122°25′40″W / 37.754782°N 122.427703°W / 37.754782; -122.427703

22nd Street in San Francisco, California is one of the steepest streets in the city. In the 250-foot block from Vicksburg to Church Streets in the Noe Valley neighborhood, the city map shows a 79-foot descent along the south side of the street (78-1/2 feet along the north side) for an average grade of just over 31%, about the same as the steepest block of Filbert Street in San Francisco.[1] (Both streets are one-way down; bottom of the 22nd St hill at 37°45′18″N 122°25′40″W / 37.7549°N 122.4279°W / 37.7549; -122.4279 A 1956 view seems to show a two-way street.)

The switchback at 22nd St. and Collingwood. The steps to Diamond and 22nd are ahead in the Noe Valley area.

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