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Soviet Union
23 mm NR-23 ammunition Keski-Suomen ilmailumuseo.JPG
23×115mm shells used in NR-23 cannon on the Il-28
Bullet diameter23mm

The 23×115mm round is used by Soviet (USSR)/Russian/CIS aircraft autocannon, most notably by the GSh-23L and GSh-6-23. Although the round has been superseded by the 30×165mm round, the Russian Air Force still uses it in the GSh-23L (in aircraft's tail turrets and in the UPK-23-250 gunpack/gunpod) and GSh-6-23 (used in Su-24). This round still serves in many countries and is widely available. Projectile weight is 175 grams.


The round was derived from the 14.5×114mm round by necking it out to 23 mm.[1] The original rounds used a lower power charge of 33 g of sw 4/7 powder and achieved only 690 m/s at a maximum pressure of 294.3 MPa. In 1954 an improved ammunition was introduced, featuring better projectile design and ballistic properties. The newer rounds have a powder charge to achieve 720 m/s.[2]

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