233 (number)

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Cardinal two hundred thirty-three
Ordinal 233rd
(two hundred thirty-third)
Factorization prime
Prime yes
Greek numeral ΣΛΓ´
Roman numeral CCXXXIII
Binary 111010012
Ternary 221223
Quaternary 32214
Quinary 14135
Senary 10256
Octal 3518
Duodecimal 17512
Hexadecimal E916
Vigesimal BD20
Base 36 6H36

233 (two hundred [and] thirty-three) is the natural number following 232 and preceding 234.

233 is a prime number,[1] 233 is a Sophie Germain prime,[2] a Pillai prime,[3] and a Ramanujan prime.[4] It is a Fibonacci number,[5] one of the Fibonacci primes.[6]

There are exactly 233 maximal planar graphs with ten vertices,[7] and 233 connected topological spaces with four points.[8]