233 (number)

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Cardinal two hundred thirty-three
Ordinal 233rd
(two hundred thirty-third)
Factorization prime
Prime yes
Roman numeral CCXXXIII
Binary 111010012
Ternary 221223
Quaternary 32214
Quinary 14135
Senary 10256
Octal 3518
Duodecimal 17512
Hexadecimal E916
Vigesimal BD20
Base 36 6H36

233 (two hundred [and] thirty-three) is the natural number following 232 and preceding 234.

233 is a prime number,[1] 233 is a Sophie Germain prime,[2] a Pillai prime,[3] and a Ramanujan prime.[4] It is a Fibonacci number,[5] one of the Fibonacci primes.[6]

There are exactly 233 maximal planar graphs with ten vertices,[7] and 233 connected topological spaces with four points.[8]