24/7 (Rojo album)

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Studio album by Rojo
Released 2003
Genre Contemporary Christian music, rock, pop
Label Reyvol Records
Producer Emmanuel Espinosa
Rojo chronology
Día de Independencia

24/7 is the second album by the Mexican Christian rock band, Rojo. The album was produced by the bass guitarist Emmanuel Espinosa. It was released on 2003 and was certified gold in 2004.[1]

Album concept[edit]

According to the band's founder, producer and bass guitarist, Emmanuel Espinosa, the concept behind the album was to remind people to "crave being with Jesus, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week", hence the album title.


Unlike their first album, Rojo, the band did not take a break to write the songs for the new album. Instead, most of the songs were written on the road during the several tours over the period of two years. The album also features writing collaborations with Juan Salinas and Jesús Adrián Romero.[2]


The recording of the album was led by the Puerto Rican engineer Orlando Rodríguez and the Grammy-winner J.R. McNeely. Masterization was by Hank Williams.[3]

The album includes the collaborations of the Nashville String Machine, the bass guitarist and producer Brent Milligan, and the arranger Lari Goss.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Intro ¿Estás Listo?"   00:55
2. "Revolución" Rodrigo, de la Cámara 05:19
3. "¿Cómo No Voy A Alabarte?" Salinas, Espinosa 04:13
4. "Soy Tuyo Hoy" Espinosa, Espinosa 04:53
5. "Eres Lo Mejor" Salinas, Espinosa, Burruel 04:12
6. "Con Todo" Salinas, Espinosa, Burruel 03:53
7. "Dios De Maravillas" Espinosa, Moreno, Espinosa 03:45
8. "Digno Eres Tú" Romero, Espinosa 03:55
9. "Hasta Que Ya No Respires Más" Romero, Espinosa 07:55
10. "Aleluya"   01:59
11. "Desde El Amanecer" Romero, Salinas, Espinosa 04:36
12. "Quiero Más De Ti" Espinosa 03:46
13. "Contigo (Haré Historia)" Espinosa, Burruel 05:35
14. "Te Alabaré Mi Buen Jesús" Espinosa 05:45


Band members[edit]

  • Ruben C. Gonzalez – drums
  • Linda Espinosa – composer, vocals, group members
  • Oswaldo Burruel – arranger, composer, recording, guitars
  • Emmanuel Espinosa – arranger, composer, producer, vocals, orchestral arrangements, audio production, recording, bass guitar


  • Brent Milligan – guitars, vocals, cello, atmosphere
  • Juan Salinas – composer, vocals
  • Angel Moreno – composer, vocals
  • Brent King – vocals
  • Coalo Zamorano – vocals
  • Jorge Santos – vocals
  • Elí Moreno – vocals


Recording and production[edit]

  • J.R. McNeely – producer
  • Orlando Rodriguez – producer
  • Juan Carlos Claveria – recording
  • J.C. Monterrosa – assistant
  • Héctor Sotelo – vocals, production assistant
  • Efrain Garcia – graphic design