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A 241 Store in Toronto, Ontario

241 Pizza (2006) Ltd., doing business as 241 Pizza, is a Canadian franchise chain of pizza restaurants headquartered in Scarborough, Toronto.[1]

There are 62 locations across Ontario, particularly in the Southern Ontario. There are also locations Newfoundland and Saskatchewan. 241 Pizza competes with other pizza chains such as Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, and Pizza Nova. However, 241 Pizza is mutually exclusive with the American Papa John's chain, with restaurants in Canada only existing in Alberta, Ontario, and the Maritimes. There are no locations in Quebec, ceding that market to Double Pizza.


241 Pizza was founded in Toronto in 1986. Since then 241 Pizza has expanded across Ontario, and has locations in three provinces.

Coffee Time's parent company Chairman's Brand Corp. acquired 241 Pizza in October 2006.

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