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242.pilots was a live video improvisation ensemble consisting of HC Gilje (no), Kurt Ralske (us) and Lukasz Lysakowski (pl), which performed at various international festivals and venues 2001-2004.

Utilizing their own custom software, 242.pilots expressively improvise rich, layered video works in real-time (both as a trio, and as soloists). The performance software created by Gilje, Lysakowski, and Ralske allows video to be controlled on-the-fly in a fluid and expressive manner. Improvising as a group, the three artists respond to and interact with each other's images in a subtle and intuitive way. Images are layered, contrasted, merged, and transformed. The degree of interplay and unspoken communication between the artists is akin to the best free jazz ensembles.[1]

242.pilots invited various musicians to create the live soundtrack for the performance. Collaborators have included Justin Bennett (uk/nl), Kelly Davis (us), Tim Hecker (ca).

In 2002 they released a DVD on New York label Carpark Records, based on a performance recorded in Brussels. The following year the dvd won the image award at Transmediale in Berlin.


  • "242.pilots live in Bruxelles", (DVD,Carpark Records, cprk21,2002)
  • "Wanna Buy a Craprak?", appear on(cd compilation,Carpark Records, cprk23,2003)

Selected performances[edit]

  • Guggenheim, Bilbao March 2004
  • MUTEK,Montreal May 2003
  • The American Museum of Moving Image, New York City May 2003
  • Transmediale, Berlin feb 2003
  • Ultima Festival, Oslo oct 2002
  • Taktlose Festival, Bern sep 2002
  • Galapagos,New York City jun 2002
  • Petite Theatre Mercelis, Brussels feb 2002
  • club transmediale, Berlin feb 2002
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal oct 2001
  • Impakt Festival,Utrecht oct 2001
  • Steim Institute, Amsterdam oct 2001


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