244th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)

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244th Infantry Division
Active 1944
Allegiance  Nazi Germany
Branch Army

World War II

The 244th Infantry Division was a division of the German Army in World War II.

In 1944, the division was in southern France, and fought against the Western Allies in Operation Dragoon.

Order of Battle 1944[edit]

  • 932nd Grenadier Regiment (four battalions)
  • 933rd Grenadier Regiment (three battalions)
  • 234th Grenadier Regiment (three battalions)
  • 244th Artillery Regiment (three battalions)
  • 244th Panzerjäger Battalion
  • 244th Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 244th Pioneer Battalion
  • 244th Signals Battalion
  • 244th Division Support Units[1]


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