245 (number)

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244 245 246
Cardinal two hundred forty-five
Ordinal 245th
(two hundred and forty-fifth)
Factorization 5 × 72
Roman numeral CCXLV
Binary 111101012
Ternary 1000023
Quaternary 33114
Quinary 14405
Senary 10456
Octal 3658
Duodecimal 18512
Hexadecimal F516
Vigesimal C520
Base 36 6T36

245 is the natural number following 244 and preceding 246.

245 in online public access (library) catalogs[edit]

Two hundred forty-five 245 = 5·72. In the MARC format for records in online public access (library) catalogs, in which each type of information about a book (or other library material) is identified with a 3-digit number, 245 identifies the title of the item; most library catalog software requires that each record have at least a 245 tag, even if no other information is entered about the item.

Other references to 245[edit]

  • The number of Jewish singers who returned from captivity in Babylon in c. 538 BCE following the rise of Cyrus the Great and the Persian Empire. ...besides their male and female slaves, of whom there were seven thousand three hundred thirty-seven; and they had two hundred forty-five singers, male and female. They had seven hundred thirty-six horses, two hundred forty-five mules, four hundred thirty-five camels, and six thousand seven hundred twenty donkeys. (see Nehemiah chapter 7, verses 67 to 69—Also, an almost identical reference in Ezra chapter 2, verses 65 to 67 states that there were only 200 singers, and that the slaves were "servants").