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Chinese name 廿四味
Origin Hong Kong
Occupation band
Label(s) Revolution
Website 24 Herbs' Blog
Drunk (陳子聰)
Ghost Style (Brandon Ho, Gee Style)
SIR JBS(Brian Siswojo, Sir Eats-a-Lot)
Dor Yuk (Eddie Chung)
For the herbal tea, see 24 flavors.

24Herbs (stylized also as 24HERBS) is a Hong Kong hip hop group formed in 2006. It consists of six members: Ghost Style, Phat, Kit, SIR JBS, Drunk & Dor Yuk. Phat & Kit were members of the Hong Kong underground hip hop group LMF. Drunk was a member of pop “boy group” Alive. Ghost Style is a DJ and music producer. Dor Yuk is a commercial music producer and SIR JBS is a fashion designer and skate shop “8FIVE2 Shop” owner.


Early years and debut album (2006-2010)[edit]

In 2008 24Herbs released their self-titled debut album 24Herbs. Their hit single "Respect Jou OK" made to multiple radio stations' charts and won “Year 2008 Hong Kong Commercial Radio Annual Award for "The Best New Group – 3rd place". 24Herbs collaborated with various artists, including on "Forgiveness" with Sammi Cheng and "Laser" with Chermaine Fong. "Forgiveness" won the "Highest hit rate MV" in Hong Kong Digital Media Award. In the last few years, 24Herbs has been actively involved in the film industry, they wrote and performed the theme song for the film "Once a Gangster" and guest-starred in the film.

Bring It On (2011-present)[edit]

In March 2011, 24 Herbs had their 2nd album released, Bring It On, consisting of a total of 17 songs, featuring a few celebrity guest vocalists: "Wonderland" with Janice Vidal, "Control" with Paul Wong and "Chillax" with Taiwan rapper Softlipa. They performed several live shows to promote the album including "24K Concert" in December 2010, in which they shared stage with local band Kolor and in "Moov Live 24Herbs" in Jan 2011, which was also documented and compiled along with a line of official music videos as a bonus DVD in the Bring It On release.

Five of 24Herbs tracks from Bring It On are featured on the Sleeping Dogs video game soundtrack and appear on the ingame radio station H-Klub Radio. This has brought them increased success due to the volume of players of this game.


  • Phat (member of the legendary Hong Kong underground hip-hop band LMF
  • Kit (member of the legendary Hong Kong underground hip-hop band LMF)
  • Drunk (Conroy Chan) (actor /celebrity who once was a member of pop “boy group” Alive)
  • Ghost Style (Brandon Ho, Gee Style)
  • SIR JBS(Brian Siswojo)(skate shop “8FIVE2 Shop” owner)
  • Dor Yuk (Eddie Chung) (commercial music producer)


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details
2008 24Herbs
  • Released: Feb 2008
  • Label: Drum Music, East Asia Music
  • Format: CD, 2×CD, digital download
2011 Bring It On
  • Released: March 2011
  • Label: Drum Music, East Asia Music
  • Format: CD, CD+DVD, digital download