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Developer(s) 24SevenOffice
Written in Java
Operating system Web-based
Available in English (UK), English (US), Norwegian, German, Swedish, Danish and Spanish
Website www.24sevenoffice.com

24SevenOffice is a Norwegian software company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway, and offices in Stockholm, Sweden and London, UK.

Company history[edit]

24SevenOffice was started in 1996 in Porsgrunn, Norway by Stian Rustad. The company was formerly known as kontorplassen.no but changed its name in February 2005 to 24SevenOffice .

The idea for the product was developed in 1996. The company targets the small business segment, mostly companies with less than fifty employees and no IT department. Originally based in Skien, the company later moved to Oslo Innovation Center. It [1] The company was until 2005 known as IKT Interactive. The name "24SevenOffice" was introduced in 2003 when the company entered the British market. By 2004 the company had 14 employees and two offices in Norway. The established a British office at Surrey Business Park in May 2003.[2] By 2005 the company had adapted the name 24SevenOffice.A year later the company had grown to 30 employees and had 5000 users.[1]

In August 2005 the company had an IPO that raised 15 million NOK (Norwegian kroner) and the company was listed on the OTC list as of 5 October 2005; the ticker was 24SO. In June 2013 the shareholders decided to delist the company as they felt 24SevenOffice was undervalued.

In 2006 the company signed a deal to sponsor rally driver Petter Solberg. Instead of paying the 5 million Norwegian krone deal in cash, Solberg received a three-percent ownership in the company.[3]

24SevenOffice has recently invested heavily in Purchase Invoice processing with workflow and Approval path with a full audit trail.[citation needed] As a result of this, 24SevenOffice has added leading accounting firms such as PwC and KPMG to the customer list. Revisorforeningen (Norwegian association of Auditors) signed an agreement with 24SevenOffice in 2011, whereby they only recommend 24SevenOffice as a system for their members to use.


24SevenOffice is a complete web-based (SaaS) ERP system. It includes modules for CRM, accounting, invoicing , e-mail, file/document management and project management.

24SevenOffice has won several awards, including "Seal of Excellence" at CeBIT and "Product of the Year" in the Norwegian finance magazine "Kapital".


The complete 24SevenOffice ERP system contains the following modules:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Common Calendar
  • E-Mail integration
  • Marketing Campaign management
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Quotation/Order/Invoice process
  • Stock control
  • Purchase Order System
  • Purchase Invoice processing
  • Project management
  • Time registration

24SevenOffice can be delivered as either a full ERP system, or as a Customer Relationship Management solution, or as a Project Management solution.


To add further functionality and benefits to 24SevenOffice, it is integrated to:

  • Xero for accounts
  • KashFlow for accounts
  • MailChimp for email marketing
  • E Works Manager for electronic job management system
  • Magento for e-commerce
  • Shopify for e-commerce
  • SalesScreen for sales visualisation and motivation
  • Vend for point of sale solution


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