24 Chasa

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24 Chasa
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Media Group Bulgaria[1]
EditorBorislav Zumbulev
Founded1 April 1991; 32 years ago (1991-04-01)
Circulation50 000 (daily)

24 Chasa (Bulgarian: 24 часа, lit.'24 hours') is a Bulgarian newspaper. Its headquarters are located in Sofia.

History and profile[edit]

The newspaper, part of the 168 Chasa (meaning 168 Hours in English) Press Group founded by Petyo Blaskov, was launched in April 1991,[2][3] a few months after the launch of the 168 Hours weekly newspaper.[4]

The tabloid format and the colloquial, somewhat derisive, writing style of 24 Chasa quickly gained wide popularity.[4]

One of the most popular features in the newspaper is the daily cartoon Ivancho i Mariyka, drawn by the well-known Bulgarian cartoonist Ivaylo Ninov, which also exists in animation version.[5]

The newspaper was a part of the German WAZ media group until 2010[6] when it was acquired by the Media Group Bulgaria, LLC.[7]

Its current editor-in-chief is Borislav Zumbulev.

The circulation of the paper is 50,000 copies during weekdays, up to 90,000 during weekends.[4]


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