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The 24 Hour Fort challenge[1] is a challenge which became popularised in 2018[2] in which participants must reach a location or venue before it closes for the evening and trespass on the property by hiding in a 'fort'. These forts are normally a hastily-constructed hiding place made by moving products on shelves in such a way that the participants can hide behind them, although some participants have carried out the challenge simply by hiding in areas such as public toilets and staff-only areas. Once the location closes, the goal is to remain in the venue for as long as possible before the location reopens in the morning, or until the building's staff or security apprehend the participants. Several store chains and companies have spoken out against the challenge,[3] and participants risk being banned from stores or facing criminal charges for trespassing, criminal damage and breaking and entering.

The challenge can be traced back to August 2016, in which two Belgian teenagers remained inside an IKEA branch after closing time by hiding in wardrobes.[4]

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