24 Hour Roadside Resistance

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24 Hour Roadside Resistance
Studio album by Against All Authority
Released March 21, 2000
Recorded The Dungeon, Miami, Florida
Genre Ska punk
Length 34:10
Label Hopeless
Producer Jeremy Dubois
Against All Authority chronology
24 Hour Roadside Resistance
Nothing New for Trash Like You
(2001)Nothing New for Trash Like You2001

24 Hour Roadside Resistance is an album by the political-ska punk band Against All Authority; first released in 2000.

The album contains a two-and-a-half minute spoken word track (the second half of 'The Source of Strontium 90') from a member of the Radiation and Public Health Project about the risks of radioactive fallout from nuclear power plants for children in South Florida.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "24 Hour Roadside Resistance" 1:57
2. "Dinkas When I Close My Eyes" 1:40
3. "Pestilent Existence" 2:18
4. "Committing the Truth" 1:58
5. "Nothing to Lose" 2:18
6. "I Think You Think Too Much" 2:15
7. "The Next Song" 3:28
8. "Ugly Desires" 1:46
9. "Killing the Truth" 2:51
10. "Policeman" 1:45
11. "I'm Weak Inside" 2:39
12. "Stuck in a Rut" 2:30
13. "The Excuse" 1:38
14. "The Source of Strontium 90" 5:08


  • Artwork by Omar Angulo [1]