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24sata naslovnica.jpg
Cover of the 2 March 2005 issue
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Styria Media Group
Publisher24sata d.o.o.
EditorGoran Gavranović
Founded2 March 2005; 14 years ago (2005-03-02)
HeadquartersOreškovićeva 6H/1
Circulation116,000 (2013)

24sata is the leading media company in Croatia. The first edition of the daily newspaper 24sata was published on March 2, 2005[1]. 24sata rapidly expanded from print to the online, mobile, social and video platforms, reaching a daily average of 2 million people (source: gemiusRating, Facebook, YouTube, Ipsos MEDIApuls 2019)[2]. At the beginning stages of 24sata as a daily newspaper, the focus was mainly on the younger population, but the innovative concept of news selection and presentation, with an emphasis on curiosities, quickly "infected" all segments of the Croatian population. Its editorial concept is focused on the reader on all platforms, and it combines the most important characteristics of the most cutting edge media. In line with the global trends, in the past two years 24sata has been creating a digital revolution both in the Croatian and the regional market. It has been upgrading its digital-first strategy daily, constantly adjusting to market conditions, creating new formats, and reaffirming its leading position in all areas, from print to digital[3]. Furthermore, 24sata is the most awarded media company in the region[4].

History and profile[edit]

24sata d.o.o. (Media-Ideja d.o.o. initially) was founded at the end of 2004 and its emergence on the market introduced a brand new concept of daily newspapers and refreshed the Croatian newspaper market. After one year, in 2006, 24sata became the most widely read Croatian daily newspaper. The following year, the average sales positioned 24sata as the top-selling daily newspaper, a title it kept for 12 consecutive years (ABC Croatia 2006-2018). As a part of its image campaign in 2007, the brand becomes recognizable by the slogan "This is what I'm interested in!" that describes best the brand's most substantial content-related advantage: with the motto "quicker, shorter, clearer" it focuses on a direct and understandable communication of information to the readers, striving to be the fastest among its competition.

At the beginning of 2008, 24sata.hr website became one of the most visited Croatian news websites (source: gemiusAudience, July 2008) with 130,000 unique visitors per day. After the rapid growth of traffic in June 2013, the website became the market leader and has been in the leading position for more than four years (source: gemiusRating, 2013-2018). There are numerous novelties that 24sata introduced to the Croatian media business. In 2007, the website was redesigned, introducing a then-revolutionary no-scroll concept, and in 2010 a one-page concept[5]. In addition, 24sata launched the first Croatian mobile news website m.24sata.hr in 2012[6], and in 2010 the first Croatian news application for Android, followed by the one for the iPhone in 2012[7].

About 24sata[edit]

24sata is the absolute leader in the media market, a fact confirmed by top figures (the highest number of unique users, the monthly number of pageviews as well as site visits[8], and the longest average time on site according to gemiusRating metrics), and through its digital network it reaches two out of three internet users in Croatia (source: gemiusRating, 2019)[9]. The brand is present on all platforms—print, web, mobile, social and video, and brings together all age and interest groups.

Web edition[edit]

The 24sata.hr website publishes daily the most accurate and relevant information in the shortest possible time. The latest Gemius metrics results from December 2018 show that 24sata websites were read by 1,791,194 unique users with a total of 232,665,172 pageviews[10].

Print edition[edit]

Numerous domestic and foreign experts, led by Mario Garcia, one of the world's most famous leaders in design for newspapers, participated in the creation of the concept of 24sata, including both content and design[11]. 24sata daily newspaper is the most widely read, best-selling and most prized daily newspaper in Croatia. Its format is the most practical, the structure of texts is tailored to the reader, and it provides quick, concise and relevant information with entertainment available to everyone, everywhere and at any time. 24sata are the first daily newspaper in Croatia that introduced the section of news sent by readers, with readers regularly sharing photos, videos and stories with the editorial staff of 24sata[12].


24sata leads the way in the development of all digital platforms, and its video department is the most advanced one in the region. In just three years it has been recognized on the market and received dozens of awards on the global level for its best projects. 24sata is the leader in the breaking news formats, original video clips on Facebook and YouTube, and the satirical approach to specific topics.


24sata.hr has the leading position on social networks as well, with its Facebook page followed by more than 1,300,000 users (source: Facebook, January 2018). The Facebook page of 24sata has the largest and most active audience and is the media outlet for the fastest, most accurate and most entertaining information. It offers its readers a unique blend of useful and entertaining information through articles and the most abundant video content. Each day the Facebook page of 24sata brings live video content from the face of important events. 24sata also excels on Instagram and Twitter. Every day it offers visually attractive content, customized to the platform at hand in order to offer added value to its audience. In addition to Instagram and Twitter, 24sata is also present on Viber, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.


In the 24sata portfolio, there are 11 premium brands for every audience. These are 24sata, miss7, JoomBoos, Express, BlogBuster, missMAMA, missZDRAVA, Gastro, Auto start, Astral and numerous enigmatic publications.


As the leading medium and the most prominent social-first destination for women, miss7 stands out due to its focus on two-way communication with its readers.

Web edition[edit]

As a website, miss7 addresses women, covering all their needs and interests. The content of miss7 deals with real problems and situations women go through, and it is created by journalists who advise their readers, share with them their first-hand experiences, break taboos, and play the role of a friend they can trust.

Print edition[edit]

An attractive lifestyle magazine with 270 pages printed on luxurious glossy paper is on newsstands every three months. It is an extension of the miss7 website that stands out because of its relaxed content structure and topics that awaken the readers' interests and inspire in all lifestyle areas. The brand of miss7 brings together the leading content creators of the domestic media scene and shapes new authors.


JoomBoos is the most influential media brand for the Z and Y generation and the largest network of content creators with a four times higher potential for acquisition of advertisers in the simplest and most secure way.


The JoomBoos YouTube channel is a community with more than 500,000 subscribers and 1,500,000 unique viewers per month, and a platform where original and innovative content is produced. The JoomBoos YouTube channel includes various types of content such as video clips, series, live videos, and individual videos.


Together with different creators, JoomBoos produces original and innovative content. Its most well-known content includes JoomBoos music videos like "Moja Croatia", a sports anthem with over 4,000,000 views, "Tko se boji vuka još", a hit song of the Z generation, the series Isti san, a talent show Videostar, Prankd's, Konačni obračun, and Patrola. Throughout the year JoomBoos organizes meet-ups with creators, and the largest one is Totalni JoomBoos.

Print edition[edit]

JoomBoos Videostar magazine is the most widely read magazine for young people, and it was awarded as the best new print product (INMA Global Media Awards 2018)[13]. The magazine is published every three months and brings the most interesting stories from JoomBoos creators and news about the original JoomBoos events and content. Every issue of the magazine is accompanied by a surprise gift for the readers.

Web edition[edit]

JoomBoos offers readers an overview of the most interesting news from the world of YouTube, the latest news from the world of celebrities, an overview of fashion trends, and the most diverse and entertaining quizzes.


Express is a media platform for progressive ideas, analytical topics covering politics, culture, science, and technology with a liberal framework.

Print edition[edit]

Express is the most widely read weekly magazine in Croatia for complex political and social issues. Important topics from politics, culture, and economics are expertly researched but at the same time written to be understandable to the wider public. Supplements such as Artis and Bestbook are unique on the Croatian market and make Express a desirable purchase for an audience interested in such topics.

Web edition[edit]

With its content Express.hr covers progressive topics of the utmost importance for the development of society. In addition to expertly researching complex topics, it also offers numerous topics from everyday life to its online audience. Express.hr covers a wide range of topics from various areas, and apart from the current affairs in politics and economics, it also elaborates on topics that deal with the more relaxed side of life such as luxury, tourism, popular science and technology.


BlogBuster is the fastest growing platform that brings together the best authors who inspire readers with real stories and personal experiences. The influencers who write their blogs on the BlogBuster platform are Andrea Andrassy, ​​Ella Dvornik, Nina Slišković Goleš, Anđa Marić, Tea Hržica, Mirna Savić, Katarina Marjanović, Lara Kapović, Tea Zavacki, Maja Marić, Alis Marić, Ana Kolar, Andrea Tintor, Bruno Šimleša, Domagoj Knežević, Ingrid Divković, Nina Baljak, Renata & Mihael Šanko, and Srđan Cvitak.


As the leading brand for mothers and pregnant women, missMAMA has the most active parenting community in Croatia. It follows the woman in her most important role in life, from family planning and pregnancy, through childhood until the end of elementary school. It provides warm support and serves as a source of expert and relevant information. It is the most visited website for parents with three times more visits than its first competitor.


With its content on all platforms, missZDRAVA covers the wellbeing of the mind, body, spirit, relationships, and environment. The brand acts as a life coach by using specific content and tools to help readers get to know themselves, the laws of their psyche, body, and spirit in relation to the environment, in order to become more relaxed and fulfilled. The brand is present on digital platforms through social-first and mobile-first approach.


Gastro.hr is the leading foodie lifestyle community of food and cooking enthusiasts. They all share a passion for exploring and trying out new delicacies for their palates, and as the most visited foodie lifestyle portal, it has over 400,000 visitors a month.

Auto start[edit]

Web edition[edit]

Auto Start is the most modern automotive website in Croatia that provides the latest vehicle tests, interviews, reports, columns and other news from the automotive industry. In addition to video content, it provides attractive photos of the latest cars, motorcycles, various car and motorcycle events, and useful articles that inform road lovers about current events from the automotive world.

Print edition[edit]

Auto start is the most exclusive automotive monthly magazine in Croatia. With every issue it communicates accurate, verified and timely information. It introduces novelties which will soon become the topic of conversations, tests cars and motorcycles, it maps the way to the best car-mechanics and examines the quality of service. In addition to the world of the automotive industry, it covers trends in technology, design, and lifestyle.


Each month the best astrological and esoteric publication reveals to its readers the secrets hidden in the stars. Every month astrology lovers find the most exciting articles on the pages of Astral. With every issue the committed editorial staff communicates news and information about the phenomena and techniques that fascinate thousands of readers. On the pages of the publication, they can find confessions and stories of healing, the phenomena of fringe science, and the most complete information about each horoscope sign.


The 24sata portfolio offers a wide range of puzzle-solving products with relaxing brain teasers that are published on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The wide portfolio of puzzle publications includes Bingo Plus, published every week alongside 24sata. There is also Bingo Specijal, the most extensive free puzzle supplement, Bingo Max and Bingo Magazine. 55skandi, 111skandi and MAX skandi are published regularly for lovers of crossword puzzles, and for sudoku lovers there are SuperSudoku, Max Sudoku, and Express Sudoku.

Projects and Campaigns[edit]

Through content on all its platforms, 24sata respects the reader and advocates for the "common man", whether that includes correcting small injustices day-to-day or fighting for social justice on higher levels. Through its projects, 24sata continuously raises awareness of social issues, launches initiatives for the welfare of society, promotes courage, humanity, and honesty, and activates the audience through entertainment. Some of the most successful projects of 24sata are Ponos Hrvatske, Bolje obrazovanje, bolja Hrvatska, Nestali, Anđeli, and Digital Takeover.

More about the projects:

Ponos Hrvatske (Pride of Croatia)[edit]

Since 2005, 24sata has been giving the “Ponos Hrvatske” award to persons that have shown exceptional courage, humanity, and honesty in difficult and dangerous situations. At a special event organized in their honour, the statue "Zajedno", which symbolizes the kindness and uniqueness of honoured individuals, is awarded to these exceptional people. The award is under the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mrs. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović[14].

Bolje obrazovanje, bolja Hrvatska (Better education, better Croatia)[edit]

As the largest Croatian medium, 24sata felt the urge and the responsibility to point out the need to change the outdated educational system. Since 2014, with a series of activities on the socially responsible platform Bolje obrazovanje, bolja Hrvatska 24sata has been encouraging state institutions, as well as the population of the Republic of Croatia to pledge for a better education with the aim of achieving progress in the Croatian society and a better future in the Republic of Croatia.

The conference Bolje obrazovanje, bolja Hrvatska is the organizational extension of the platform with that title and the first education conference that brings together all interest groups in education—from ministries, embassies, prominent scientists and professors to students. Ban Ki-Moon[15], the former UN Secretary-General, the President of the Republic of Croatia[16], the Finnish Ambassador, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Science and Education, as well as many prominent scientists, professors, and entrepreneurs have all created content and supported the platform.

Nestali (The Missing)[edit]

As the largest and most responsible Croatian medium, 24sata decided to end more than two-decades-long silence and uncertainty. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of Vukovar, on all its media platforms 24sata started publishing the series "Nestali". The goal was to mobilize the entire Croatian and international public in order to finally resolve this tragic situation and find answers about the destinies of the missing. The aim was to call upon the conscience of every person who has any information that has remained untold, and of all those who concealed documents in which the fate of missing persons was recorded.

Anđeli (Angels)[edit]

During 2006 and 2007, together with the association Anđeli, 24sata launched an action to pass a law on the status of parents-caregivers to children with the most severe disabilities. After one year and a half, the law was passed, and this was the first time that the government passed a law under media pressure[17]. In August 2007, a law entered into force allowing parents of the most severely ill children to become their caregivers and receive a salary of 2,000 kunas from the state, with contributions. Before this law was adopted, parents of sick children were forced to choose between leaving their children in an institution and working or staying with their children, thus endangering their own existence.

Digital Takeover[edit]

Digital Takeover is an innovative educational platform launched in 2015 with the goal of transforming the Croatian digital scene, as well as increasing the overall percentage of digital investment[18]. Organized by 24sata, this unique platform on the Croatian market shortly became a central space for digital communication between the most influential Croatian decision makers. Digital Takeover follows the digital-first strategy of 24sata and as the first such project in Croatia, it confirms the leading role of 24sata in this area. The idea of ​​a digital transformation and the message of the importance of investing in digital advertising are conveyed by Digital Takeover through a series of events, lectures, and workshops with constant media attention given to this topic. At the largest regional digital conference of the same name, year after year the Digital Takeover brings together numerous participants and digital experts who share the latest trends in the digital world with the market.

Awards and Acknowledgments[edit]

24sata is a media company with the highest number of awards and acknowledgments in the region—more than 80 of them in global and European competition[19]. Among the numerous acknowledgments a collection of more than 20 awards given to the native studio of 24sata stands out, making it the most prized native studio in the world. Various prizes for native campaigns were preceded by those for best covers, and 24sata was also globally recognized for some of its large projects, such as Bolje obrazovanje, bolja Hrvatska, which was awarded by the leading global news media association (INMA). In addition to INMA, the quality of projects developed by 24sata has been recognized by other prestigious institutions: Digiday, Native Advertising Institute, WAN-IFRA, ICERTIAS, Effie and many others. Up to 80 different acknowledgments and awards received in only 13 years since 24sata became active on the Croatian market confirms the quality of work of the best Croatian editorial office and the status of 24sata as the most influential medium on the domestic market. With numerous acknowledgments, 24sata stands alongside the world's largest and European media companies.

Noted Acknowledgments and Awards:[edit]

• Native Advertising Agency/Studio of the Year (under 20 employees) (silver, Native Advertising Awards, 2018)[20]

• Best Content Studio (Digiday Media Awards Europe, 2018)[21]

• Best Innovation to Create New Profit Centres (INMA Global Media Awards, 2017)[22]

• Best Community Service Campaign (3rd place, INMA Global Media Awards, 2017)[23]

• Best Use of Real-Time Streaming Video (Digiday Awards Europe 2018)[24]

• Best Designed Websites (WAN-IFRA, 2009)[25]


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