24th Cavalry Division (United States)

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24th Cavalry Division Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
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The 24th Cavalry Division was a cavalry division of the United States Army, drawn from the Army National Guard of the mid-west states. It was created from the perceived need for additional cavalry units. It numbered in succession of the Regular Army Divisions, which were not all active at its creation. Going into World War 2, the US Army Cavalry was contained 3 Regular, 4 National Guard, and 6 Organized Reserve cavalry divisions as well as one independent cavalry brigade.

The 24th Cavalry Division was geographically dispersed across the United States. The division was composed of personnel from the Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming National Guards.



  • 113th Cavalry Regiment
  • 114th Cavalry Regiment
  • 115th Cavalry Regiment
  • 116th Cavalry Regiment
  • 168th Field Artillery Regiment
Standard organization chart for a Cavalry Division in November 1940


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