254th Indian Tank Brigade

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254th Indian Tank Brigade
CountryBritish Raj British India
Allegiance British Empire
BranchBritish Raj Red Ensign.svg British Indian Army
EquipmentStuart tank
M3 Lee tank
M4 Sherman tank
EngagementsBattle of Kohima
Battle of Imphal
Battle of Meiktila and Mandalay
Battle of Kyaukmaung Bridgehead
Operation Dracula
Battle honoursBurma 1944–1945

The 254th Indian Tank Brigade was an armoured brigade of the Indian Army during World War II. The brigade was part of the Fourteenth Army and saw action in the Burma Campaign. The 254th Tank Brigade's tactical sign was a symbol that looks like black railway tracks disappearing into the distance, on a red triangle.

The brigade fought with the 5th and 7th Indian Infantry Divisions in Burma and was involved in the Battles at Imphal, Kohima, Kyaumaung Bridgehead, Meiktila, and the Rangoon Road.[1]



  • Brigadier WT Gill 10 Sep 1942 – 17 Nov 1942
  • Brigadier RL Scoones 17 Nov 1943 – 15 Mar 1945 [3]
Lee tank and Gurkhas advance at Imphal

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