25th Armoured Brigade (Greece)

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25th Armoured Brigade
25th Armoured Brigade Emblem Greece.jpg
Emblem of the 25th Armoured Brigade
Country Greece
Branch Hellenic Army
Type Armoured
Size 5 Battalions
Part of 20th Armoured Division
Garrison/HQ Xanthi, Thrace
Motto(s) Die for the good of your country
Anniversaries July, 1959

The 25th Armoured Brigade "2nd Cavalry Regiment Ephesus" is an Armoured brigade of the Greek Hellenic Army.


XXV Hel ABr.jpg 25th Armoured Brigade in Xanthi, Thrace

  • HQ Company (ΙΣ/XXV ΤΘΤ)
  • 22 Armoured Battalion (22 EMA)
  • 25 Armoured Battalion (25 EMA)
  • 645 Mechanized Infantry Battalion (645 M/K ΤΠ)
  • 139 Self Propelled Artillery Battalion (139 Α/Κ ΜΜΠ)
  • 25 Engineer Company (25 ΛΜΧ)
  • 25 Signal Company (25 ΛΔΒ)
  • 25 Support Battalion (25 ΕΥΠ)