25th Aviation Regiment (United States)

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25th Aviation Regiment
25th Avn Rgt coa.jpeg
Coat of arms
Country United States
Motto(s)Lele Makou No Na Puali (We Fly For The Troops)
Distinctive unit insignia25 Avn Rgt DUI.gif
Aircraft flown
Attack helicopterAH-64D Apache
Cargo helicopterCH-47F Chinook
Utility helicopterUH-60L/M Black Hawk

The 25th Aviation Regiment is an aviation regiment of the U.S. Army.


CH-47 Chinook helicopter landing on the deck of the Ex-USS Tarawa
  • 1st Battalion (Attack Reconnisance)
    • Company A (AH-64)
    • Company B (AH-64)
    • Company C (AH-64)
    • Company D
  • 2nd Battalion "Diamondhead" (Assault)[1]
    • Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC)
    • Company A "Blackjacks"(UH-60)
    • Company B "Knighthawks"(UH-60)
    • Company C "Wolfpack" (UH-60)
    • Company D "Cannibals"
    • Company E "Road Runner"
  • 3rd Battalion "Hammerheads" (General Support)[1]
    • HHC "Marlins"
    • Company A "Stingrays"(UH-60)
    • Company B "Hillclimbers"(CH-47)
    • Company C "Dustoff"(HH-60)
    • Company D "Tiger sharks"
    • Company E
    • Company F "Cobras" (Air Traffic Control)


Constituted 1 February 1957 in the Regular Army as the 25th Aviation Company, assigned to the 25th Infantry Division, and activated at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

Reorganized and redesignated 12 August 1963 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 25th Aviation Battalion (organic elements constituted 21 June 1963 and activated 12 August 1963).[2]

Between 1966 and 1967 the 341st Airfield Operations Detachment was attached.[3]

Inactivated 15 October 1985 at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.[citation needed]

Activated 16 January 1986 at Wheeler Air Force Base, Hawaii

Relieved 16 May 1988 from assignment to the 25th Infantry Division; concurrently reorganized and redesignated as the 25th Aviation, a parent regiment under the United States Army Regimental System.

It may at its maximum size have had up to four battalions.

Campaign participation credit[edit]

Counteroffensive; Counteroffensive, Phase II; Counteroffensive, Phase III; Tet Counteroffensive; Counteroffensive, Phase IV; Counteroffensive, Phase V; Counteroffensive, Phase VI; Tet 69/Counteroffensive; Summer-Fall 1969; Winter-Spring 1970; Sanctuary Counteroffensive; Counteroffensive, Phase VII


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