26th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

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The 26th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island was in session from March 4, 1874 to July 1, 1876. It was the first assembly after Prince Edward Island became a Canadian province. The majority party was the Conservative Party led by James Colledge Pope. After Pope resigned to run for a federal seat, Lemuel Owen became party leader.

There were three sessions of the 26th General Assembly:

Session Start End
1st March 4, 1874 April 28, 1874
2nd March 18, 1875 April 27, 1875
3rd March 16, 1876 April 29, 1876

Cornelius Howatt was elected speaker.


Electoral district Member Party
1st Kings Emmanuel McEachern [1] Conservative
Lauchlin MacDonald (1875) Liberal
1st Kings J.R. McLean Liberal
2nd Kings William W. Sullivan Conservative
2nd Kings Hilary McIsaac Conservative
3rd Kings L.C. Owen Conservative
3rd Kings A.C. MacDonald [2] Independent
J.E. MacDonald (1873) Conservative
4th Kings L.H. Davies Liberal
4th Kings Manoah Rowe Liberal
5th Kings T.H. Haviland Independent
5th Kings A.J. MacDonald Conservative
1st Prince G.W. Howlan [3] Independent
N. Conroy (1873) Liberal
1st Prince S.F. Perry [2] Liberal
Francis Gallant (1875) Conservative
2nd Prince John Yeo Conservative
2nd Prince James Yeo [2] Independent
James W. Richards (1873) Conservative
3rd Prince John A. MacDonald Conservative
3rd Prince J.O. Arsenault Conservative
4th Prince A.E.C. Holland Conservative
4th Prince C. Howatt Conservative
5th Prince John Lefurgey Conservative
5th Prince Thomas Kelly [4] Conservative
James Colledge Pope (1875) Conservative
1st Queens P. Sinclair [2] Liberal
William Campbell (1873) Independent
1st Queens W.D. Stewart Liberal
2nd Queens H. Callbeck Liberal
2nd Queens W.S. McNeill Liberal
3rd Queens H. Beer Liberal
3rd Queens F. Kelly Conservative
4th Queens David Laird [2] Independent
William Welsh (1873) Liberal
4th Queens Benjamin Davies Liberal
5th Queens James Colledge Pope [2] Conservative
Frederick Brecken (1873) Conservative
5th Queens Frederick Brecken [5] Conservative
John Theophilus Jenkins (1873) Conservative


  1. ^ died
  2. ^ a b c d e f elected to federal seat
  3. ^ appointed to Canadian Senate
  4. ^ resigned seat
  5. ^ ran unsuccessfully for federal seat

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