26th Street/Bergamot station

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26th Street/Bergamot
Expo Line 
Location2425 Olympic Boulevard, Santa Monica
Coordinates34°01′40″N 118°28′12″W / 34.0279°N 118.4699°W / 34.0279; -118.4699Coordinates: 34°01′40″N 118°28′12″W / 34.0279°N 118.4699°W / 34.0279; -118.4699
Owned byMetro
Platforms2 side platforms
Bicycle facilitiesTBD
Disabled accessYes
OpenedOctober 17, 1875; 143 years ago (October 17, 1875)
RebuiltMay 20, 2016; 2 years ago (May 20, 2016)
Previous namesBergamot
Preceding station   LAMetroLogo.svg Metro Rail   Following station
Expo Line
  Former services  
Pacific Electric Pacific Electric
Air Line

26th Street/Bergamot (formerly Bergamot) is an at-grade light rail station in the Los Angeles County Metro Rail system. It is located near the intersection of 26th Street and Olympic Boulevard in Santa Monica, California. The station serves the Expo Line.[2]

Location and design[edit]

Platform Westbound Expo Line Expo Line toward Downtown Santa Monica (17th Street/Santa Monica College)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Eastbound Expo Line Expo Line toward 7th Street/Metro Center (Expo/Bundy)

The station is in the Pico District of Santa Monica, along the southern edge of Olympic Boulevard, just east of 26th Street.


The City of Santa Monica refers to the station area as the "Bergamot Transit Village".[3] It is also within walking distance of several business offices and studios, including the Water Garden office complex.

The station has entrances on both ends.[4]

Name and history[edit]

Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) still grows in clumps around the station area.

The name "Bergamot Station" dates back to 1890, and was a stop and car storage area on the steam powered Los Angeles and Independence Railroad from Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles, as well as the subsequent Santa Monica Air Line on the Pacific Electric trolley system until 1953..[5][6]

Vehicle maintenance facility[edit]

Expo Phase 2 includes a maintenance facility for Expo light-rail vehicles. This facility performs shop-related activities, including servicing, cleaning, inspection and repair of LRT vehicles. It also includes a yard with a storage capacity of up to 45 LRT vehicles.[4]

Several locations for this facility were proposed and evaluated, including the "Verizon site" (land just west of Bergamot Station, between Stewart Street and Centinela Avenue) and the Bergamot Station site itself. Use of the Verizon site was opposed by many residents of the surrounding Stewart Park neighborhood, who feared the project would create noise and other environmental impact. Use of the Bergamot Station site was opposed by artists at Bergamot Station, who successfully argued that Bergamot had become an irreplaceable resource for the west coast arts community.[7]

The City of Santa Monica and Expo built the facility on land which includes the Verizon site, as well as land that was a parking lot owned by Santa Monica College. They believe that with this "hybrid site", most environmental impacts from the facility were properly mitigated. [8][9][10]

Bus connections[edit]


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