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27 and twenty-seven may refer to:

Number, year


  • 27 (album), an album by Ciro y los Persas
  • 27 (artist), American artist
  • 27 (band), American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • 27 Club, popular name for a group of influential rock and blues musicians who all died at the age of 27
  • 27 (opera), 2014 opera by Ricky ian Gordon and Royce Vavrek
  • 27, a 2011 play by Abi Morgan
  • 27 rue de Fleurus, Gertrude Stein's and Alice B. Toklas' salon in Paris
  • "27", a song by Fall Out Boy from the album Folie à Deux
  • "27" (song), a song by the Scottish band Biffy Clyro