27th Lancers

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27th Lancers
Country United Kingdom
BranchFlag of the British Army.svg British Army
TypeCavalry Regiment
Size1 Regiment

The 27th Lancers was a British Army cavalry regiment from 1941 to 1945.

Armoured cars of the 27th Lancers, 11th Armoured Division, 19 April 1942. A scout car leads, followed by Daimler and Humber armoured cars, with more scout cars bringing up the rear.

The regiment was raised in June 1941 from a cadre of personnel taken from the 12th Royal Lancers. It was assigned to the 11th Armoured Division as the divisional reconnaissance regiment. It was later withdrawn and held under command of GHQ.

In 1943, it was shipped to Egypt; in 1944 it moved to Italy, where it served as an independent reconnaissance regiment for the Allied Force Headquarters, and finished the war in Austria, where it was disbanded in August 1945. Some personnel were transferred to the 12th Lancers.

(In a film made in 1936 (The Charge of the Light Brigade), there was a fictional regiment called the 27th Lancers.)


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